Sunday, July 26, 2009

anchors away...literally

"How do you guys feel about the wallpaper?"
This is what our sweet rental agent asked us as we were signing the lease papers for the new place.
Husband response.."Oh, our kids love it, but my wife isn't crazy about it."
You think.?.
I mean, we are at the beach and so the whole nautical theme should go right?
eeks, and they even were nice enough to leave the matching picture to go with the wallpaper.
How sweet.

So in a ditch effort to not remove the wallpaper (I've heard this is a heinous feat), I decided to cover it up.
Sort of 2009, wallpaperish, not have to paint it, cover up.
In my stash of things, I came across a HUGE roll of kraft paper that I had bought at Lowe's.
Original purpose for it was to use it to wrap gifts, but we'll see how it goes.
Anything is better than the current hopefully.
And if it's successful for $7.29 for the roll of paper + my time, I will be thrilled.

Transformation is for my at home studio for "me feel pretty" in a style reminiscent of the pictures below.
Shabby chic, meets France in Ventura, if you will.

1. Vintage Pink Crinoline, 2. white paint chips, 3. Bountiful Venice, 4. Shabby Chic-Rachel Ashwell, 5. Vintage Pop Bottle Case, 6. and so it begins......, 7. Sugar*Sugar Studio, 8. Cartier Boutique (store interior) photo 694, 9. france june 09_44, 10. Candy For My Eyes, 11. WIP: Future Craft Room : 4/27, 12. she likes to create

So it's nearing 10pm now.
The kids are in bed.
Wine is poured.
Staple gun is in hand.
Wish me luck.