Saturday, September 30, 2006


for years i have loved photography.
in high school i took photography for three years and loved every minute of it.
I think i take ok pictures but keep trying to improve.
change how i look at things.
try and see in fresh and funky new ways.
someday i would even love to have a dark room of my own...
one can dream right?

one day, while trying to research taking photo classes, i stumbled upon Jinky Art. what a great stumble it was too.
She is amazing...really.... beyond amazing.
her angles, color and subjects are too pretty for words.

Whenever i need some out of this world inspiration i check here...

or here...
I read recently on Tara's blog about her and Barb meeting up.
how fun.

these two rock photos like no other....dang.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


dang..its rare for us to get a family photo and i *love * them.

so what that not everyone is looking at the camera..i still love it.

even Sobe, our dog, is in it.

Actually this picture was taken at a dog show that she was in for fun. Nothing fancy because hello, she's a prize winner here, but that's why we love her. Since the kids were born she has taken the back seat to everything. She used to be our baby and now she no longer sleeps in our bed and gets all the attention. A big reason why it was really fun to take her to something that was just for her. you Sobe.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Last night was so great. a stay at home date night with Anthony and the premiere of Grey's!!!
Ok..i love this show more than i could say. Love how it went back and showed us clips that were even before the pilot episode. wow. it will be interesting to see who Meredith chooses and when.
Poor izzie too.
Then i stayed up to watch 6 degrees. Think i'm going to sucked into this one. drama.

today while reading some of my favorite blogs this...
stumbled into my lap.

i have loved project runway from the beginning and was tickled to find this info and pics from Fashion Week.

what a fun way to end the week

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

love these two

its so crazy these days trying to get a photo of my little ones together and boy oh boy, this was the best i could get.

love the mohawk though.

love the girly pose Olivia is giving the camera

love the two of them.

on a side note...

i have to say that i am so inspired by so many scrappers these days.

could she be any sweeter?

I think not.

i so wanna make one of the books you are working on and hopefully meet up when i'm over on Maui for THanksgiving.

big envy for this girl. beautiful pages always!!!

funk and flair and mini it all


wow...just wow.

i took her class at cku-provo and have never been the same

love all the color and fun she incorporates in every project.

thanks all.

Friday, September 15, 2006

surprise ...

..i have known about this for a bit but now i get to see laura's creation insprired by little ole me and my WHo's bad layout.

wow...I am so flattered!!

check it out here at the GG spot on Two peas...

thanks so much Laura for your sweet words and for picking me to work off of.

too cool

Thursday, September 14, 2006


the power of good people is alive.

so this came about a few weeks ago when someone posted some scrap goodies they found at Target $$ spot and i responded at how cute they are and how we do not have a Target here.

so out of the blue, i get this email...

Hi Michelle,> I am coming to Kauai next Tues.(the 12th) and I live very close to Target. > Do you want me to pick up some goodies for you? I bought the ribbon and > the alpha that is pictured plus a few other things. Just let me know. I am > going to be staying in Kapaa--where are you located?> > Rita Cook

so i met her today and what a sweet heart!!
thanks so much Rita.

Friday, September 08, 2006

smiling yellow

wow. so wow!

Mustard moon had a contest looking for layouts to post to their online album and to my surprise all four of the layouts i submitted where chosen!!

wholly moly!

this is the first time to have anything of mine included in something so big.

like i said....i am so smiling yellow

thanks Mustard Moon!

and congrats to all the others in the album!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

*heart* me some jack johnson

I chose Jack Johnson this week...i *heart* him and his music. I could really do a page to everyone of his songs. Better together is one of my favs though. his picture was taken of my husband and daughter picking some mangos from our neighbors tree. We love us some mango.i know this part of the song will not work for most but there are so many other great lines in the song. I may even have to do another with another great part of the song too.

supplies used:

sei pp

ki pp and epoxy letters

heidi swapp letters

chatterbox rubon

doodlebug & sign

Misc ribbon and flower

my trusty black sharpie

come join in on the fun if you get a chance....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

long weekend

i honestly thought with a long weekend i would get some scrapbooking done, because i have alot I need to be working on. No such luck. We went to the beach everyday instead which is not a bad deal either. Last night I sat down to work on my Mustard Moon entries and found my mojo was missing. Yikes..i pushed papers around for over an hour without luck. I love all of their fun papers so hopefully today i'll be able to create some goodies. These are a few layouts i did last week and did not post.

Off to create while the kiddos are napping..

Sunday, September 03, 2006

new shoes from Japan.

funky fresh...
thats all i can say about these shoes.
Olivia loves them and even thinks she can jump higher in them.
go girl!