Tuesday, August 28, 2007

on with the happy

memories at this lighthouse.
i love lighthouses.
saw this one over 6 years ago with Anthony.
today i was here with the wee ones.
insert smile here.
a funky laminate flooring covered mini i made with the SIS Sonora High kit.
does it get more mug shotish than this??
gotta love it.
big cheese from Kyan at the Thomas the Train live show.
yikes...thats about all i can say about that show.
anthony asked "how much did we pay for those tickets again?"
and then we both started giggling hard.
Happy birthday Kyan.

and finally a BIG smile for a night out all dressed up with my man.
i see the light at the end of the tunnel.
again, thanks for all the support.
it really means alot and helped more than i could ever say.

Friday, August 24, 2007


please pray for Andrea and her son Ian.
they will forever be in my thoughts and prayers.
the Memorial for these 3 American heroes was yesterday.
my heart is still aching to say the least.
thank you so much for your prayers for us this week.
its helping but this is a slow process for sure.

today we shall celebrate life.
photo booth Friday is on for round 3
kids E2 hawkeye day; full of face painting and jumpy houses.
Anthony's parents are flying in to visit today.
we are together as a family and that's what matters most.

thanks for letting me get this out.
i am healing.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

no words.

anthony flies this.there is one less today.

my heart is breaking.
i am so beyond thankful Anthony is home and safe.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

goin on a house hunt.....

and we're not scared...

actually trying to find a place for our last month/6 weeks here in VA and househunting in CA as well.
do we rent?
do we buy?
our heads are spinning.
i know the right thing will find its way to us though....faith.

need to work out more...i've been slacking.
Olivia misses her Dora jeep....BAD
we went blueberry picking/eating...yummy!
making a few things and having fun.
love this form of expression.
having some eastern shore beach time.....blissful.
that sea grass on the right is so cool.
must come back to take more pics soon. off to Michael's to get some staz on and Sonic for lunch and a watermelon Dr. Pepper.
yes!!! you must try this soon.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

*friday finds*

with the kids strapped in the stroller and snacks to last for a quick run through, i finally got to peek into this store.
kind like a west elm, but cheaper.
these felt table runners caught my eye, but i think if i would have bought one, i would have scrapped with it. bad me.
and this ultra cute bedset...Love for Olivia's room.
and can i get a "say what"
i think this is adorable!!!
and you can get it engraved with you and your loves initials...eeks.
just like in grade school.
ordering soon for sure.
and this has my mind spinning.
Stacey mentioned it on her blog and i had to check it out.
went to buy it tonight and they were out...huh?
how did i miss the early memo.
you can also see wha others have been workin up here.
artistic expression here i come.
be on the lookout for a hopeful part 2 today too.
headed off to an antique show with this chick and the kids.
keep cool....i know its a burnin' up here.
*eta...antique, smantique. it was way too uppity. i am more the flea market girl.
for healing, Sara and i had to hit up a couple thirft stores before heading home.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

still on it.

had to jump on this OLW.
perfect timing.

i can't believe a month has passed since starting this daily card getup.
don't post them everyday, but i am doing them.
here are a few from the past 3 days.

and something i see quite often while driving around here.
someone please help a girl out and explain.

Monday, August 06, 2007

lets talk photobooths

lets start here.
this is Bean.
formally she is known as Sarah, but we have called eachother Bean since early on school days.
yeah...it was after that dumb Bean movie, but moving on.
we used to go and take our pictures before the big Friday night football games and loved it.
all foofed up in our cheer gear...does it get much better....i think not?

so fast forward to present day and wah la!
i found this Project and am thinking its a darn clever idea.
i am mean really.
can you see me trying to shove my kids into a photobooth once a week?
imagine the pure bliss the photos would capture.
just the top of their heads.
nose pickin'

i am thinking for Kyans 2nd birthday that we should give it a go.
off to find out where in the world a photo booth is in the crazy town.

eta* if you are feeling helpful check out this wonderful cause!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

friday finds once again....

i miss doing this on fridays.
here's to starting fresh.
VA style.

a candy store for girly girls,is what i like to call this store.
cheap, funky, trendy jewelry is right up my alley.
these earring remind me of butterscotch..yum!
and this...RUN to get this tonight.
it tax free weekend on office supplies here in Va, so really you have no excuse if you are in an area with this deal going on.
it staples up to 12 inches deep.
yikes that sounds wrong or my mind is just off because Anthonys gone..sorry.
I used JJ's in Chicago and got one as soon as i got back.
heavy duty amore for this.

and this is just a bad find.
so when in DC i respect and want to learn more about our history in the US.
i despised it while in school.
i have since changed after marrying into the military for sure.
i saw this and flipped.
just read the sign.
SAD to see at the WW2 memorial.

and wrapping up with this heavenly tape.
yes i said tape.
and its lace.
crazy huh?
Jo shared this with us and daaaaaaaaaang.
MUST GET IT like yesterday.

Happy August weekend all.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


*this inspires me to no end. *breakfast for dinner is the best.

*i love this girl.
her mind is creative magic!
she is super funny.
i wanted to keep her inspiration book.
i could go on and on....but i'll just stop at gumdrop.

she took this picture of me and i'm speechless.
like hello?

*i really look forward to hanging with these girls again soon.
we are a lucky bunch. *this looks way fun!

*DC was thunderstormy but so worth the drive.
it was my first trip out of town with the kids and just me and i did it.
feel like singing the Dora closing song about it.
met up with Vee and Natalie and thank goodness they are patient , cause my kids were totally not.
super sweet women for sure.

don't you love the girls in this....ha!
for the record....Paper Source is bliss.

*thinking about trying out for a manufacturer DT.
would be way cool.

*still doing the daily card thing.
a little honesty though....i can't always do them everyday, but i am current as of today.
fun fun way of expression.

*this was a tad weird to see and hear myself on film.
round robbing it up was crazy fun though.

*today was good day.
boom yada bing boom, dun dun dun na na na.