Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a happy place.

I just have such guilty pleasure in seeing peoples collections of found junk.
Giggling about spotting something I used to have as a kid.
Digging in boxes of random goodies to find that one little treasure.
Hearing the stories of strangers.
Getting flooded with creative ideas and "I can make that" moments.
Bargaining for the 3 tubes of vintages buttons I bought for just 5 bucks.
maybe to make more of these.
cheers to good finds.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I blame the crooked dance floor for my busted pump.

I laugh looking at this picture because we look so put together.
Definatly not how the night ended.
We won 50 dollars in gift cards and I busted the heel off of these shoes from dancing like the super nerds we are.
Like the heel was dangling by the fabric.
Much twirling, laughing with friends and even beer pong took place.
Needless to say, I hang my head low when I say I did not make it to Paper Source Saturday morning.
But I did manage to make some scrap pages this weekend for Just let me scrapbook.

Dusting off the old craft table feels good.

Friday, November 21, 2008

short and sassy it is.

Finished off with these snazzy kicks and a big bling ring, I'm all ready for a date night.
You girls (and mike) were such a huge help in making this so very fun.
An all done up picture will be posted to see the final look, not to worry.
The plan is to not enjoy the beverages too much due to the grand opening of the Paper source in Thousand Oaks.
This girl has priorities.
The temptation of crafty goodies being only about 20 miles away now versus 60 is just fantastic.
Hot damn. Speaking of crafty.
For this festive outing tonight, I made these.
Glittery pumpkins galore.

And glitter covered corks that will be poked with a bamboo skewer and then topped with the squadron symbol printed out on transparancies.
This is a first at table settings for me, but I think it will go over well.
Especially due to the fact that everyone will be seeing it with beer goggles on.
And because everything is better with candy, it will be sprinkled all over the table to enjoy.

a little something I made for the house.

Happy Friday.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's a girl to do?

Option A:
Option B
*Don't be distracted by the pile o' laundry on the floor or the unmade bed please when helping with your opinion.

The occasion: a formal Navy Hawkeye ball (aka Jr. high prom for adults)

Anthony will be all foofed up in this.

The problem: I love the short fushia dress and I have killer shoes to match, but I think its more cocktaily than formal. We are living in CA where the weather has been abnormally warm even for here. So maybe I could pull off the short dress?

Or the lovely plum and violet colored one? How the top ties and is padded a bit in the boobage area, is a big plus. This mom of two wee ones needs all the help she can get. But for shoes and jewelry? What the heck color do I wear with it?

Please help.

Much appreciated,

conflicted fashion victim in CA.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

easily amused these days.

  • Finding out that my old favorite Japanese dollar store is now alive and kicking in the US. The closest one is way up north from me, but it's just another reason I need to make it to the Bay area asap. Back in my flight attendant days, this was always my first stop on a layover. I would spend hours ewwing and ahhing the aisles. Just the thought of reliving this past time soon has me all giddy.
  • being refered to this fantastic mommy's blog. 2008's version of a love note in your lunch box. This may just get my kids eating more too. Yet another reason to make it to bulletpoint number one.
  • making these little guys for various holiday projects.
  • the I phone. holy crap. This thing has my mind spinning. The 2 features that woe me... Shazam and Urbanspoon
  • Loving the prices at Mister art...especially for these
Have you found anything that has your mind racing lately?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's in a month?

A date weekend to the wine country.

tap classes that put me in tears from laughing so hard.

jumping on hotel beds.
playing tourists with those crazy Kayne esqe sunglasses.

painting pumpkins.
leeching on to daddy.

La zoo exploring.

Finally art journaling again thanks to Dina's class.

and lots of the in between.
Finding the new normal and enjoying the heck out of eachother.
When even my mom asked about the delay of posting on here, I knew it had been a little too long.
I do want to say thank you thank you for all the sweet welcome home comments.
It warmed my heart.
and Anthony's too.
Now I say, resume on thrift store shopping, garage sales, crafting,catching up with friends and Michelle time.
You know things have been turned upside down when I don't even get a chance for these little pleasures.
So hello November, nice to see you.