Monday, April 30, 2007

happy last day of April*

a little sneaky peek of my Guest dt work..."cannon BALL"
yes, that is my man doing a cannon ball. Love acting like kids and our kids get a kick out of it too.
some family self photo love from the weekend up on the North Shore. Heaven on earth i'll tell you!* also excited to see Jamie Ko in two weeks!!! Yeah for honeymoons.

* giggled when i saw this on the web this morning. Can you imagine what her pages look like? Inquiring minds would love to see.

hope you all had a great weekend too!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

i really should be doing lots of other things....but

i've been tagged by quite a few people.
flattered? yes.
so here i go with my 7 randoms.
and oh am i random.
1. gave in and watched part of an episode of this trainwreak.
couldn't make it through the whole thing because of Donna's laugh. Seriously. i did not even like her on 90210. 2.on the 90210 tip...i owned and sported the 90210 perfume. In my teenage years i thought i would just die if my mom didn't get it for me.
so thanks to that stank, i am still living.

3. bought this beauty while on Oahu and am in love. I am a picker by nature and this tool is the shiz nit! run to get one.
heidi...are they really ok to use though?

4. i did go through the Mc donalds drive thru just for an 89 cents x-large coke today.

5. sometimes i so badly want to give into my kids fits, but i am trying to stay strong and consistant.
6. i was tickled when i saw this on celines blog the other day. To top it off, she asked me if i'd be up for swapping photos?!? like i would say no to this art goddess!!! so excited!

7. i am addicted to spinning. really, if you have never tried this aerobic class, you should. I feel so energized and worked after the hour long class. 7 1/2. throughout jr. high and high school i did cheerleading and love moving to the beat. Awesome music is the key to spinning.

uh ch uh ch...feel the beat?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

three letters....

R A D !!!
top down on the mustang....
don't mind the bra straps....major faux pa i know.

this bidet!!! dang, can you read what those buttons say?
yeah, i tried them all....bliss!
need one.
enjoying the Kokua fest!
you can watch a little clip above.

this man!!!
JJ eeks.
every song was like heaven to my ears.
happy as a clam was i !
quite possibly the best concert ever!! keep your eyes peeled for a mini of this weekend using some goodies from a Guest DT kit. sshhhhh. can't spill who yet.
oh yeah!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

fridays finds 2*

*all this ric rackin goodness for 50 cents. big ups habitat for humanity thrift store.
*seeing these on my fridge and knowing i finally get to use them tomorrow!!
*a sale at this place.

*finding this thingy to play music from Alison and Linda's blog.

have no idea how to play music automatically though. help needed please?!?

did you find any cool things this week?
happy weekend all and i'll be back monday from my girls, good food, dancing, Jack johnson, drinking, shopping filled weekend!!
just a tad bit excited. *insert ear to ear grin here*

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

*a road less traveled* love

these have been keeping me fun.
also been chatting it up with the SIS guys are seriously gonna love that place!
working on something sweet and secret too.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


i saw this the other day it its weighing heavy on my heart.
"Joey was released from the hospital last Tuesday. His cancer is considered terminal, and they believe they have done all they can for him. We are devastated. Parents should raise their children to live and have good lives not prepare them for what I'm going to have to do. He was heartbroken and is NOT ready to give up. That makes me happy, and we will do whatever we can to help him with that."

JOey and family, you are in my thoughts and prayers!

and then i saw this. What an amazing woman you are Tania Willis!!!
so glad i could help.
maybe you can too!

Monday, April 16, 2007

a little share & Google this*

as i am anxiously awaiting the Rouge De garance DT announcement, i realized i had not shared this little girl.
i've had that shirt thingy for over 2 years and finally dug it out and played. Something fun for my daughters Hawaiian themed room.
the little swim girl is from a vintage book i found not long ago , rouge papers, hambly and some stickers from a Poppy ink kit too.
fun fun.
wish me luck! speaking of fun, i had to do the google "what michelle needs" thing that amber and others started.

here's what i found out.
Michelle needs your help (a nanny, a cook, anyone....echo echo)
Michelle needs to exercise her right to shut the f*ck up. ...(oops)
Michelle needs help translating (true that. The imao thingies get me lost)
Michelle needs money so she can travel (sure. My bank account number is...)
michelle needs the viking hat protection? (nu uh..i ain't no viking's fan! Buffalo Bills all the way)
Michelle needs to go solo. (like a girls weekend? funny you mentioned it..i'm off this weekend)
Michelle needs to come over to my house, make me some tacos & burritos (I'm on my way )
Michelle needs dancing lessons (and i thought i had rhythm)
Michelle needs to smile like that all the time (cheese!)
Michelle needs to rock! (i try with a little roll too)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

you named it what?!?

this forward made me chuckle.
happy Sunday!

Friday, April 13, 2007

*fridays fiNds*

"This is how we do it.
Its friday night, and I feel all right
The party is here on the west side"

*remember that Montell Jordan song.
yeah, it popped in my head and i got to thinking.
i know as crafters we are always finding cool things here and there.
so fridays are gonna be my "found" days.
it could be scrappy, recipes, clothes....who knows what will show up here.
so.....da da da....
goodie 1*
I found these ultra cute pin cushions awhile back and am in love.
must make one soon!
hello,felt? how could i go wrong?
goodie 2*
and this mag!!!
i freaked when i saw it at Costco.
ok, so i will not be making that poncho out of a picnic tablecloth, but the ideas inside are fierce.
and for those who don't know, the inside of my house is mostly beachy and can you see the "Float a surfboard shelf" article?!?
seriously want!
goodie 3*
Deep Fried Pickles
if you have never had these....indulge yourself this weekend!!
dang they are yummy!

happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i was up for some challenges.

love the dare girls and was so happy i got this one done...its been awhile. i based my layout on this shirt...ha!

and this is for my girl Karla.
mad fan of yours girl.
a little scrapjack love for ya!

Monday, April 09, 2007

another island style day*

boogie grass boarding head first....
3 squished in the Dora Jeep taking our own picture...
"look at my funny face mommy!" not pictured...
all the yummy Easter Brunch food and laughs up on the beach.
what a great weekend.
Hope yours was too!

**eta*** just got done watching the Bachelor and why didn't the barbie twins both go?
yikes...gotta love it though.

Friday, April 06, 2007

for real?!?

shut your mouth Jeanette!!! (I had to use a bachelor quote)
so i woke up extra early this morning and ran to the computer.
well, speed tip toeing so i wouldn't wake the kids.
and to my whoa! wow! freaking out! crazy !! self, i heard my name being said as one of the DT members for Scrap in Style tv!!!!
embarassing enough though, i always have the volume down on my computer and i was frantically trying to click on the fashionistas link and no luck...duh!
pumped up the volume and wa la!
and then i heard all the other names.
dang. i am beyond honored to be amongst such out of this world talent!
*deep breath*

so i could go on and on, but i have to run to Costco before naptime.
thanks so much Scrap in Style for asking me to join in on this HUGE journey!
***be sure to come over on May 15 for all the festivities!

no silly. That dye is for eggs... before talking the egg debacle i have to share this layout.
if you are in law enforcement...please stop reading here.

this was a challenge over at the new super fab website, Story of my life.
scrap your favorite number.
i love 21.
thanks to an awesome fake id @17, i got to enjoy the fruits of being 21 for 5 years.
fun to scrap it, but my kids need know that no way will i let them have one.
i may have to hide this layout when they get older.

on the Easter tip.
we had a little vinegar smelling, egg dying session.
so fun to have the kids play.
Kyan is such a boy. Licking the coloring wand and not dropping his snack bowl. And when i yanked the wand out of his mouth he just dunked his fist into the dye. a multi tasker already.
What a look and i must say his skin was more decorated than any egg.

and my little "i don't wanna get my dress dirty" girl. So gentle and detailed.
I love the holidays for having the chance to pass on traditions.
one down side.
every time i open my fridge, it smells of eggs...yikes.
menu for lunch tomorrow...egg salad sandwiches...yum!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

rose hungry much?

oh yes.
these girls are....
for this HOttie Navy LT doctor. aaaahhhh. I love love love this show. Such a train wreak, but i think this season has some promise.
the crazy college girl who freaks out because he didn't pick her.
red dress singing him the National anthem and he cries...huh?
the "shut your mouth" comment.
He seems like he is truly in it to find mrs. right Baldwin though. I do hope he fills her in on how crazy Navy life is at times. But moving her to Pearl Harbor..what single girl could resist that?! get here Monday already!!!
** i am a reality tv nerd, and i am ok with that.

Monday, April 02, 2007

a true vacation

so i had a huge detailed post and my computer ate it up, so hopefully the photos will speak nicely to you.

We had a super time and its definatly the first time we have felt like we were on vacation not just working harder than normal with the kids.

skydiving= crazy fun

happy kids in front of the chi chi stores= a riot!

dolphin kissing= bliss

kids under 3 free= sweet deal

togetherness for a week in paradise= priceless.

you can read more in my spiffy travel journal. This one was too fun not to do another, like one for every trip.

fun times all around...for real!