Wednesday, February 28, 2007


so my secret is out.
yes it is my birthday and wow do i like to try and keep it quiet.
i am more of the type to do for others and when people are sweet to me, i get all shy.
i have to say it has been a wonderful day though.
thanks to my kids.
a train ride.
coldstone creamery Cake batter with sprinkles.
loads of phone calls.
and super heart "felt" birthday wishes from these girls and others.
thanks to you all for thinking of me on my special day.
it means so much to me and the day is not even over yet.
another secret...
today is my wedding Anniversary too, so a HOT date is coming up in a few hours.
can hardly wait to spend some lovey dovey time with my man.
gotta shower and get spiffed up.
again...thanks and i'll update more tomorrow.


Thinking this will be my view this weekend while we are staying here.
oh yes.
My good friend from high school is working on Oahu this weekend and i am jetting over for a girls weekend.
Full of beach time, chatting it up, shopping here, and drinks with umbrellas at this place (my fav).
did i mention ...without the kids too!!
eeks. can hardly wait.

Monday, February 26, 2007

some new schtuff.

a few layouts i did the other day. I have been busy and sadly have not had alot of time to scrap. This makes me cranky. Luckily, my Zingboom kit should be here today and its craft night tonight, so scrapping is in my near future...yipee!
and i put this beauty together . I have had this framed photo for years and have wanted to flip the print and do something like this. Its full of pictures over the past few years and now what was an eye sore, is eye candy to me. We hang it in our front entry way low enough so the kids can enjoy it too and oh do they.
**love the power of pictures**

Saturday, February 24, 2007

baby's daddy's drama...

and this GI Jane wannabe. Seriously. I feel so bad for this girl.
to go from Mickey mouse to crazy, umbrella striking,mom...eeeks.
poor kids of both Anna Nicole and Britney.
for some silly reason i can not get enough of these 2 stories...
sad, i know.

but now if i think i am having a "bad mommy moment" , i just have to remember..its never this dramatic and crazy!

on a sweeter note...i have 2 winnners for the Anniversary help.
it was hard to choose because you all brought it with some great ideas.
i am going to do a combination project of life aboards Leather idea (after all that is the gift to give at the 3 year mark ) and Breanne's mini album idea.
i just scored some funky ultrasuede from the thrift shop and need to get to work creating stat.
sorry for the stat...still coming down off of the Greys Anatomy HUGE show. *loved it*
i'll be sure to post the gift in all its glory and love soon.

thanks all for your help and happy weekend!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

oh this was too fun...rOund 2

so i have to say that i was getting together the RAK that Amber and Josh won and decided to do another. Dang do i love giving to others. so... see this picture?
thats anthony and i all spiffed up and we all know with 2 kids that doesn't happen very often.
well, its our anniversary next week.
I always love doing something he'll remember.
but...this year, maybe you can help a girl out?

this is the package i am sending out to AMber and you can get a similar one too if you are up for the challenge. Full of rubons, trims, flowers, letterpress, and much more.
Just leave a little somethin somethin that i can do or make for my man by FRiday and i'll pick my favorite one and then send you some 'fresh from Michelle's scrap area goodness"
thanks in advance and can't wait to hear what you all come up with.

start spreading the news...

RAK winner...

ok really. Are these two not the cutest?
not only did the super sweet Amber leave a comment, but so did her hubby.
i am such a sucker for sweet romance and these two have it.
Love it so. have some great goodies coming your way soon.
hope you don't mind i borrowed your photo too.
email your addy soon and i'll get your goodies on their way to you.
**on another fun note.
run don't walk to fill out a helpful survey over at ZINGboom!!
a couple minutes of your time and you could win some of Kristens zingboom fabness.
can't beat that!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

yum yum

can you see me inside that yummy building full of goodies?
nice huh?
come up to the window because i am giving away free schutuff.
I feel so lucky for all the good things that have come my way so far this year and now i want to send some goodness your way too.
still can't believe it about the whole GGG thing...yipee and thanks for all the sweet thoughts.
so i am feeling out.
just leave a comment by the tues the 20th . say whatever you like.
a happy thought.
a yummy recipe.
whatever floats your boat.
you'll be glad you did i promise.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

its out!

my secret that is !!
and eeeeks, how cool!
I still can't get over the fact that little ole me was chosen.
thanks so much to all the girls who lifted me and let me lift them.
dang...what an honor!!!
This was so crazy fun and what a great thing to add to an already super month.
doing the happy dance for sure.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


here's to wishing you a day full of sweetness.
happy Valentines day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ya herd?

ok these are some cheesy shirts i saw on this website from my neighbor Olivia.
they made for laugh today though and had to share.
i love that Linda has one as her picture too. Its quite possibly one of the funniest around.

**another funny thing today was seeing this layout jamie made of the Cupid goodies i sent her. Love it girl.

** and one more laugh....i went out to lunch with my neighbor and her kids. After eating it was potty time and in the bathroom her 4 year old son asks..
"why do you sit down mommy?"
"because that's what girls do."
"well maybe when you get bigger, you can stand up and get one of these."
he say while pointing to his "thing"
oh what kids think up.

Hope you had some laughs in your day too.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

a mention

literally just got an email from two peas that this layout got an honorable mention.
how cool is that?
check it here.
my husband is out with the kids so i had to share here.
thanks for listening or reading i guess huh?
congrats to all the winners.

Friday, February 09, 2007

shout outs

shout 1 * to my love for the month of February...and seriously, this February is one for the record books.

Shout 2 * happy Birthday to my dear friend Erika. Can't wait to meet up soon on Oahu to celebrate our bd's belated together.
A weekend with an old friend and without my kiddos....bliss.

shout 3 * this one goes out to my Mister K. oh yeah.
who needs Mister T when i've got a stud like this around?
its weird to think i got those beads from Mardi Gras a few years back in New Orleans and now my kids LOVE to wear them around. That is along with Anthonys medals from his races.
oh the stories they will one day want to know about.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


so yeah..this rang so true to me.
like church bells people!
anthony is clutter 1
me, clutter 2

seriously need to go through and declutter a bit now.
pre season Spring cleaning if you will.

* and have to add its my first entry into my Learn journal that i made awhile back. I have been keeping it clean...hoarding i suppose. again...I am a memory clutterer.
goal= to work on this.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

seeing circles..

so the new caffeine challenge is up and i had to run around and take 20 pictures of circle things in my house.
always love trying new angles to shoot pictures.
some magnets, toys, foods and lots more were caught.
thanks girls!

and i found this awesome photo collaging picture thingy at Picasa and am addicted.
I have seen lots of peole do this technique and am thrilled to have fond an easy way to do it too.
perfect for lots of photos from one event for sure.

Monday, February 05, 2007

hush hush

oh i am just about bursting at the seams to reveal this darn thing.
but, huge but....I have to wait a bit.
i'll keep you posted.
i am so excited.
did i mention that

Sunday, February 04, 2007

chi town shout out.

so please welcome our good friends..the Carstens family.
and how cute is baby Delaney with that mini mohawk?!? love it.
any way, they are the BIGGEST Chicago bears fan. Ryan even leaves a normal message on their machine and then at the end adds "go bears". oh no, not just at football season either...year round.
i am so happy that their bears are in the SUperbowl this year.
one bummer.
Ryan is on deployment and can't even have a beer while enjoying the game on the ship.
don't worry Ryan, Anthony will have more than a couple for you.
and speaking of my husband...
can you tell he is married to a scrapbooker?

so its a little dark, but love that hhe thinks to take them.
he's pretty darn creative too.
him and is compadre Keith are always busy biking, hiking or running and my man always is there to get the photos.

GO BEARS and Happy Superbowl sunday to all.
Hope your sunday is full of good food and hilarious commericals too.

Friday, February 02, 2007

fun stuff all around.

oh boy there is alot of fun going around.
i did this layout for the Why I scrapbook contest at two peas.
Also made these two birthday goodies and layout for the birthday bash at Pub calls
be sure to check it out for lots of fun and free goodies too.

and then over here they are having a big sale. I found out about this great site from heidi who is a superstar on their design team and signed up for their newsletter.
yipee for good sales and happy scrappin days.