Sunday, September 28, 2008



I feel a bit ADD these days.
The whole "being able to count on 2 hands the days before A's big return" is mind boggling.
Swirling thoughts and worries consume me.
and in turn, trickle into the kids behavior as well.
currently on the brain...
The fact that I really need to make the switch to waterproof mascara because even though Halloween is fast approaching, raccoon eyes are so not me.
Nervous eating is a super bad habit.
I made sugar pumpkin cookies yesterday and 7 layer bars today.
If I keep this up, I may not be able to zip my Welcome home dress.
and the fear of the unknown.
How are the kids going to react to finally seeing Daddy again?
How do little brains even begin to comprehend where the heck he has been?
My hope is that the lost/apart time dissipates as soon as we embrace.
What does it feel like to get an intimate kiss?
Is it just like the whole bicycle theory, that you never forget?
and by nature, we have formed into a 3 ring circus and is a 4th member going to cramp that a little?
Once the euphoric stage wears off from the first seeing each other bit, how is it going to be?
readjusting all the way around.
No more every Saturday doughnut, garage sale, Lakeshore Learning, beach days.
no more cereal boxes in bed while Mommy sleeps a few extra minutes.
Or having breakfast for dinner twice a week.
But loads of love and needed support.
My best friend will be back and I foresee many wine filled, eating out of the ice cream container and talking till the wee hours nights ahead of us.
and that makes me cry.
To see him playing with the kids again.
Hearing his jeep pull up after being at work all day.
Nasty, stinky running shoes at the door.
His toothbrush.
His voice.
His smell.

I have missed him immensely and am so thankful he is coming home to us safe and sound.
Complete as a family again.
As it should be.

Thanks to everyone that has been there for us through this time.
I felt the love and it made this all bearable.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I an enthralled with Halloween decorations and it's not even October 1st yet.
My mind is swirling with spooky things to make and do around the house.
and I think this is me caving to my "wait until the 1st to decorate" plan.
Trick or treat!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

my happy place.

I briefly mentioned Angels a few weeks back,but realized I never posted the pictures.
This place knocks me off my rocker sort a speak.
Its jam packed with things I never even knew existed.
and organized by theme...seriously?!?
The man who owns it also lives there and is fantastic.
He was so intriguing that I wanted him to be stranger#1 of my 101 strangers project.
He was timid though and said no thanks.
and to be honest, he has kind of scared me off from wanting to ask anyone else.
I guess people are just not that fond of having their pictures taken.
Totally understandable.
But I will never forgot that sweet old man with his ukulele music blasting and his store O goodies.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

pleasing to the eyes, ears and heart.

I feel like I hit the musical jackpot.
bumped into this girl's music and am loving it.
Literally every song.
How how cute is her album cover too?
Hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

keeping busy

totally honored to be asked to play around here.
and be a finalist here.
and that scrapbooking and I are friends again!!!

Finally made it here.
For real, it totally lives up to it's reputation
and I was in thrifty heaven for 6 hours.

and getting Thailand pictures from this man.
My husband.
I really do still have one right?
and he is coming home REAL soon.
and can I just say that I am a tad bit jealous of that Lemur for being all over him?
Needless to say it's all I can think about.
Hence the come home songs on the playlist.
Hope you don't mind.

Happy Saturday.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

i went, i saw, i bought a pink shabby window.

This place makes me want a house of my own so badly.
Full of rows upon rows of old house salvage pieces.
good junk I would call it.
Funky chipped doors, brightly colored claw tubs, any kind of light fixture you could dream of and loads more.
The best part.
Its all negotiable.
Nothing is marked with a price, you just gather your goods and bring them to the front.
He tells you one price.
Then cut it in half and you have yourself a deal.
Despite the fact that I found a flea on my pantleg on the way out, I would journey back sometime.
My talk him into selling me one of those old locker basket cases as seen in picture 2.
I am afraid lockers are the new typewriters here at the Ramirez household.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

someone on Craigslist is gonna be stoked.

craft yard sale *2 hours only*
cleaned out craft stuff and have a TON for sale.
Great items and lots of them.
scrapbooking, stamping, painting, mosaics.
You name it I probably have it.
If you craft, you are going to be in heaven.
If you are interested in the whole lot, you could make a bundle on Ebay.
I just don't have the time.
Email me asap if interested in that, If not see you Saturday.

Sat. 13th only.

These pictures are not the greatest but you get the idea of the aftermath.
a roomtour is soon to follow.
Its been hours of hard, frustrating work, but I feel so much lighter.

he never forgets.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

a huge WHOA moment.

Curled up on my couch, I finally have a chance to watch the premeire of this season's Top Design.
Pause button activate.
I hear the words junkyard and my heart skips a beat.
Never have I seen, let alone heard, of this badboy.
In LA too?
So I run to the computer and find out where the hell that junkyard is.
Google..I love you.
I instantly found this blog.
Thinking Friday, after picking up my MIL from LAX, would be a perfect day to hit it up.
It's not exactly her idea of fun, but she can love on the grandkids while I make a mad dash through this place right?

Saturday, September 06, 2008

cue the CHIPS theme song.

"hey honey. It's official, we're on our way back.
The time zones are getting to be more in our favor and I'm ready for some lovin"

"I'm ready...oh so ready and counting the days"

(Ponch is my husband's call sign. can you see the resemblence?)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

2 days worth.

My love for Home depot's returned paint section is immense.
The majority of the time this is where I go to find paint.
How can you go wrong for 5 bucks for the gallon?
I even learned of a dirty little trick from my father in law about buying the paint in the color you want.
Then returning it.
Then go back and get it out of the return pile the next day.
I have yet to do this because it's just too much work, but pretty cleaver.
Today I scored the perfect color to paint those 70's ish brown legs on my table.
The looked so refreshed and purty now.

My addiction to Craigslist led me to this bad boy too.
It's huge and chipped and meant to be in my house.
It will not stay on those scales but just propped it up for a picture on them.
Angels Antiques in Carpenteria is my new favorite shop.
Without a fraction of a doubt.
Its thrifter's paradise if you will.
(I will post pictures of it later. Prepare to freak)

Got these jars there too.
Once dry, they are going to look mighty fine in my "candy shop"
dang this is fun.
Off to get more done while the kids are napping.
more later...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

progress update #1

attack the paper.
So after I posted last night, I brought my paper into the living room drawer by drawer and was ruthless.
If I gave it a second thought it was gone.
By the end of the night I went from these to...

These 2 little baskets.
One for scraps and the other for big sheets.
and that is all the room I am allowing myself.
Bonus with this method, I can see and therefore use what I have.
No more being overwhelmed by those drawers.

and now to tackle this...

I took Sarah's advice and cleared that puppy out.
whew, I truly feel lighter already.

As I move forward I go with these thoughts...
again, only keep what you love.
I need to see it to use it.
I want it to feel like a candy store.
be organized yet functional.
By weeding out the bad/old , I am loving rediscovering what I gravitate towards.

Thanks you guys for the spot on advice.
Self motivation through this blog is my goal.
That way I stick to it and start creating again.
I miss it.
On one last note, while on the phone today to a non-scrapbooky friend, I tell her of my adventure.
She laughs and said " You are doing it again? Did you ever finish before?"
Oh, she went and pushed the GET IT DONE AND LOVE IT button.

until next time...

Monday, September 01, 2008

scrapbook SOS

If you have a chance let me know what you think.
I am little by little clearing out without guilt.
Operation 1 ...paper.
Goal...go from 12 drawers to 3.
I'll keep you updated and that will keep me on task.