Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008


When I awake in the morning I will be overwhelmed
with the thought that it is the last 24 hours we have as just three.
What a whirlwind of 7 months we have had.
Road trips, potty training, tap classes, days crafting in our PJ's,
picnics for dinner, and all the in between.
It was not always easy, but I would not have rather
shared this time away from Daddy with anyone else that you two.
My constant companions.
You always knew that a hug would everything better
and it did.
Thank you.
As we transition from 3 to 4 again,
may you always look at Daddy as your hero
and treasure this time we spent
together in your hearts.
I know I will.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

scan it in.

I have this really bad habit of letting things pile up way too high on my desk.
The good part of that, is when I finally go through it all I find little papers of goodness.
Like the one on top of Olivia writing out Mom on her own and making good use of old stickers of mine.
Or our hand drawn picture by the artist Chuck E Cheese himself from Kyan's birthday.
Or finally thumbing through Salvage sisters to find this page that totally rings true for me.

If you are looking to find something to brighten your day, I suggest rummaging through your junk drawer.
You never now what you might find stuffed in there.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Welcome October. Nice to see you again.

Feeling Halloweeny around the house despite the beautiful weather outside.
and loving those MM vinyl wall letters I found on super clearance at Target last year.

and working on a few new glittery decorations as well.
Learning by trial and error with this glittering business too.
Spray adhesive is a no no for glitter application.
It gets too spiderwebby and goopy.
Perhaps if I had consulted with Martha Stewart first, I could have saved myself the annoyance.
Nevertheless....Happy October.