Thursday, March 29, 2007

happy times.

just real quick.
i found some internet access and had to say hello.
i feel so out of the scrapping loop while i am away.
we are having tons of fun and i can't wait to share all the pics and the journal i am working this week.
today, i fulfilled a life long dream and swam with dolphins.
Like hung on their fins and all.
it was beyond words.
such sweet creatures i'll tell ya.
if you ever make it out this way, its a must.
and to have the tips of their noses push your feet so you can fly like superman, or superwoman in my case, eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkksssssss.....its RAD!

we get back on Sunday and i'll have all the fun photos posted then.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


so before talking vacation..i finally got this bad boy done. I have been working on this mini of Olivia's second birthday for months. Taking it to craft nights and doing way more talking than scrapping. I am so happy to have it completed and olivia loves it too , so that's a huge bonus.
so our family of four is taking a major tourist week to Oahu. I think Anthony and I are gonna do a little of this. My hands are all clammy just thinking about it, but i think if i am going to do it anywhere, there is no better place than Hawaii. and yes i am totally going to be price gouged to get fab pictures like this one. I am only doing this crazy jump out of an airplane thing once.
and a little dolphin swimming for me. I am totally cheesy and have always wanted to hang onto their fins and ride. Dreams do come true for mommies. yipee!!! but really,we are going more for the kids. You know, things like the zoo, sea life park, beaches, and more. Just a little fun parents time is in store too.

you may be wondering why we live here and would want to go do all of this?

well, we found out that we are for sure leaving Kauai on June 1st and moving back to Ventura, CA. We have LOVED our time here and are sad to be leaving.
There sure are some wonderful things awaiting us in Ca though. friends, family, Target, In and out burger and so much more.

Ok , really, i have to go finish packing before the kids wake up and our flight leaves.
Happy week to all and stay tuned for crazy pics and such to come.

My first travel journal is in the works for this trip so that ought to be good.


Monday, March 19, 2007

It's as simple as something that nobody knows ...

ok. breathe.

yes i am telling myself this because i get to go and see JACK JOHNSON in concert!!!

aaaaaahhhh. I wanted to go last year but Anthony was out of town.

this year, not the case.
going all out to see this outdoor, sunshine, good music filled concert and can hardly stand it!! FOr the next 30 days i am on major countdown.
doesn't get much better....we are staying at the Sheraton Moana surfrider too. I have always admired this spectacular hotel and never thought i would actually stay there because we're in the condo mode with the kids. BUT, because it's a girl's birthday weekend, we splurged.
thanks for letting me share this news.
have not touched my scrappy stuff for a week or so, but hopefully tonight i will get the chance.

Friday, March 16, 2007

caution..proceed carefully

if you are easily offended...


please stop here....
otherwise, check it.
i saw this DILF phrase on Jamie's blog awhile back and knew i had to make a layout about it.
Anthony is definitely not a fan of posing for pics, so i snuck this one.
a rare moment for him to just sit and relax on the beach.
the man never sits still.
and this was another layout i did for Zingboom this month.
I love football and was so proud of myself when i made it to the Superbowl for our Fantasy team!!
oh yeah...the boys were not to happy that the only girl in the league finished top 2!
the name stickers were a funny story so i was tickled when i finally got to use them on a page.
a big group of guys were doing the draft for another league my husband was in, and were almost done when they realized they could have used these stickers instead of writing out the names.
duh! such a guy thing to miss that.
so i jump up and say "i'll have them"
of course i get a huge look of "huh"
for scrapbooking...duh.
and they all sigh and have some more beer.
game on.

sort of like my neighbor Olivia taking the doilies from under her food at a local restaurant. Our other neighbor asks "what the heck are you doing?"
always a good answer.

do you have something random that you took recently to scrap with?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

embrace your silly side today.

i did, thanks to Stacey and her super fly caffeine blog.
challenge=taking goofy pictures of yourself.
they are not the best, but i had a good time.
my kids thought it was pretty funny too.
while on the topic of happy thoughts, i figured i'd list some happy ones too.

**happy list at this moment is as follows**

*kyan yelling "zeeza" for pizza at lunch.
*Olivia waving to the horses and yelling "good morning horsey"
*coke on tap at Costco...yes i caved a bit
*sore muscles from working out
*the huge rainstorm we had last night
*the afterglow from that storm today
*a Paperchase scrapbook at Borders for 1 dollar. (love this stuff)
*enjoying the birthday goodies i got in the mail from the Girlahs
*knowing that Anthony gets home soon and i get a big hug
*kids napping longer
*Glamorous by Fergie
*long conversations with my sisters
*glittery eggs around my house
*the smell of coconut
*good hair days
*crockpot cooking

Sunday, March 11, 2007

i wish i were a spell check kinda girl.

if i mean to type * thank you , i usually in turn type *thanks you.
I just did this on a DT submission and am now so embarassed.
my neighbors say i should type my blog entry in Word, spell check it and then copy it here, but thats just too much work while the kids are fussin' in the backround ya know?
so for all of you that are good at this.....i sorry.
and by that i mean....I'm sorry.
it's a flaw in me and i am ok with it...hope you are too.
so i zoomed up on the photo i posted and eeks. I suggest you don't.
if you do, notice..
exhibit a - chin blemish
exhibit b - sunchapped lips
exhibit c - my friend Erika in my right eyeglass...what a fun weekend.

Friday, March 09, 2007

apparently i NEED this.

so says my neighbor's daughter today.
the kids were watching Diego and on came the commercials.
i hear a little voice say "Miss Michelle, i think you need this."
i looked over to the tv and laughed at first because i love that she thinks i am creative.
Then i saw all the cool things it can do and for 10 dollars, what a steal right?
it was a good laugh.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

still alive and kicking*

oh yes.
a weekend away without the kids was super.
so super that i am still recovering.
lots of beachtime, drinking, dancing and shopping...loved it.
before leaving on my weekend getaway, our waiter at Tidepools took this photo of us.
what a romantic night we had.
on a scrappy note.
these are a few of the layouts i did for Zingboom.
seriously am amazed at the coolness of these bad boys each month.
love i'll tell ya!