Friday, July 27, 2007

road trip!

anthonys going out of town for work, so we should too.
away we go up to the DC area for the weekend to meetup with some Kauai friends.
poor souls, they had to move too.
stop at this slice of paper bliss....
*maybe pick up this bad boy stamp. i am feeling a weekend full of good friends, yummy food, and lots of sights.
not to mention a car full of Disney songs....eeks.
Hope everyone has a super weekend too!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

winding down

CHicago was full of fun times for sure.

i must say though it took me a bit to get out of mommy mode, but once i did i had a ball.

i guess thats what happens as a mommy to 2 toddlers huh?

LOVED spending a few days with the SIS girls!!!


JJ has magical powers for picking us, because we all mesh together so well. Be on the lookout for some crazy new webisodes too!

Zalute party= happy faces and tons o prizes
funny too, because i found it hard to speak because all i could think was colors after a day at CHA.
dur spent alot of time chatting with this one.
oh dang.

wilna, kiki, + michelle = secret planning goodness. (watch out)
meeting the MG=sweet bliss!!!
even more of a reason to hurry up and get moved to california now.

missed this face...

and this one too...
and these sick laser cut KI papers made me swoon.
tons of colors and patterns.

run to get these as fast as you can!

i found this while going to get a second look at the new Tinkering Ink goodies.

did you know they have matching lotions to go with their paper lines....genius!

and Maya road has my heart.

mini chipboard people

velvety flower ribbon.

ahh, the list could go on and on.
nuff said for now...must scrapbook off some of this inspiration overload

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

waca waca

not sure why that came to mind except for the fact i am super excited to go to CHA>
i leave tomorrow and still am crazy running around trying to get everything ready.
its weird to only pack for me though and not the family.
trust me, its a good weird.
i am really looking forward to some Michelle time.

while out picking up a few last things before i leave, i found this bad boy at my new favorite thrift store.
metal, ocean blue, hot to trot and a mere 7 dollars.
i actually second guessed spending that much at a thrift store because of my money spending mentality.
7 dollars at a thrift store= alot
7 dollars at Pottery Barn= what a deal!! buy it now you fool!

its my new favorite thing for sure.
a little snippit of love for the Fashionistas.
Kyan peering up to the Giraffes at the Norfolk zoo, while still eating his sandwich after an hour.
he is really the slowest eater.
like slug slow.
and i got some candytown love in the mail!!!!
i opened the box and it took my breath away.
so much that i had to call Adrienne.
i'm sure she thought i was a tad crazy, but her creations are one of a kind stellar.
i can't even bare to cut them.
i need to just awe over them for a day or 2.
well, off to go to dinner and spend some family time together before i head out.
michelle ramirez is going to CHA= craziness at a high level.
i'll be sure to take oodles of pictures.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

i'm breathing...

so i think Elise is a complete genius and i had to jump on the daily card idea.
i started on 7-7-07 cause i'm cheesy like that.
just a bit of my that!!!
this was my yesterday.
fitting eh?
and the other day my good friend Aida sent me a box full of eighties vintage candy and i jumped to open these bad boys.
i am keeping that box of goodness close to me at all times.
this girl LOVES her candy.
off to enjoy a Ring pop now.
happy Saturday night to me.

Friday, July 13, 2007

note to self

haaay michelle.
i think we need to have a talk.
don't you think you have enough on your plate?
i mean taking care of two wee ones.
getting ready for CHA.
and now finding and bidding on a house you have never seen all in the same day.
slow down girl.
take it one day at a time.
i know you get excited, a little too excited at times, but take a deep breath.
i hope you read this.
i managed to get this note and caught my breath.
any advice on california house buying though?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the happenings*

oh yes...great news here!!!!
i can not even begin to tell you how much fun i have been having with the delicious RDG papers spread all over my table.
i would reach for one and then change my mind again and again.
the colors just flew through my brain like i was channeling my inner Rainbow Brite!!!
these are a few of the goodies i made.

and i am far from Hawaii, really about as far as one can get while staying in the US, but this made me feel like i was back there for a split second.
ha! and its named after my CJ boy Kimo....very cool i must say.
i believe in signs.
this was an eye stopper for me.
and here is miss thing as i like to call Olivia these days.
struting her stuff in Daddy's new/way used beater car while we are here in VA.
for Pete's sake.
you should hear this thing starting up in the morning...eeks.
i'm sure the neighbors love us.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

an oldie but goodie...

Hope everyone had a fun July 4th.
pretty laid back one here but got me to thinking about a 4th party we had a few years back when Olivia was 2 weeks old.
what were we thinking hosting a party with a newborn, but was good!!

also wanted to say thanks to those of you who gave such sweet words on my last post.
I should have really deleted it, but hence, it was one of those days.
back to normal now and working on a secret project.
all i can say is think COLOR!!
loads of it.
will share what i've been workin on soon.

Monday, July 02, 2007


today is one of those days.
you know where you sit back and reminisce about life.
needed to get it out.
so thanks in advance for reading.
today, i changed my banner and like whoa...its huge.

today ,i wish we could spend more time with these two precious nieces this summer.

today, i got a package of CJ's from Michelle Guray that made me smile. i am gonna work on one as soon as i get the minute.
today, i wish the kids and i could be back at sprinkles to enjoy a little something sweet.

today, i know that shopping at this store would thrill me, as i know it always does. today, i am craving pizza from Pacific Pizza. Quite possibly the best pizza on, i am missing my friends from Kauai and the sunshine. today, i am not perfect.
today, i want a date with my husband, just the 2 of us.
today, i kinda wanna cry.
i think the huge changes in our life are finally kicking in.
tomorrow i will be back in the swing of things i'm sure.