Wednesday, May 23, 2007

boxes & tape & movers...oh my!

i was able to sneak away from a house full of moving schtuff for a bit and here i am.
wanted to
*wish aradd a happy berfday
*check in at SIS
*catch myself up on blog action before a week without computer time.
*do change of address on a bunch of stuff.
*veg out a bit.

so sad to be leaving this island.
this is the first place we have lived where it really felt like home to us.
i just have to remember and hold on to the fact that we will be moving back again someday.

with fond aloha~

Sunday, May 20, 2007

who needs Andy Baldwin...

when i've got man candy like this?

crazy story behind this photo too.
Anthony was over on Oahu this weekend doing a triathlon and before i even talked to him this morning i get an email titled...dh?
it was from Cindy ellen russell!!!
we were on the ZingBOOM design team together.
anywho...she lives on Oahu (how did i miss knowing this?), saw him running and snapped this shot.
she works for the Star bulletin...crazy!!!!
i have chills all over because of this extreme act of kindness.

I can not even find words to say how cool the world of scrapbooking is.
and what a small world it is.
a wonderful world.
thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.
it also brought the new mrs. lieu and I together.
love her and Mike and can't wait to spend much more time with them when we move to California!!
i am blessed and that fact shines bright today.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

step away from the computer.

*the house needs to be cleaned.

*i'm sure the kids need new diapers.
*its almost dinner time.

(maybe i'll just do pizza.)

*i need to pack up a few things for the move and get them shipped.

*yikes there are alot of things i 'should' be doing.

but NO.

i can't stop chatting and such over at SIS...seriously.

i NEED to walk away from the computer.

off i go.

but i'm sure i'll be back soon.
after all, it is almost bedtime for the kiddos.

Friday, May 18, 2007

findays finds 4*

number one find this week****
crazy cool red foil from this place.
you may want one of everything.
owl buttons, paper lace, and foil wings....oh my!
and honestly this week i have been spending most of my time here. i am so very inspired by all the SISters over there.
and the message boards are chalked full of goodness!!!
so for major finds this week go here.

*i have been a fan of this girl for awhile and then i saw this on her blog and freaked!!!
i mean really.
a card everyday and super cute ones at that!!!
you rock it Elise!!

*one little word ......GO!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


hey SISters!!
sorry to keep you waiting and all.
i have a rakalicious winner.
so....the winner is....
actually, surf over here to join in on the party and hear the news.
not very nice to tease....i know.

thanks everyone for playing.
loved reading all the the fun "i always"
i feel a mini coming on about this***

here are a few new layouts for the SISTV premiere.
hope you all are having a ball over there!!!

a fun hambly filled one...
my Kelli crowe "knock off" and one last thing....

a big CHEESE from Kyan to you!
too funny how that plate is bigger than his head.

Monday, May 14, 2007

don't be shy*

i know we all run around our kitchen looking like this everyday, but i hope you took a day to relax for Mothers day!
And boy oh boy, its RAKin' time again!!
this one is HUGE.
its for the premiere of SCRAP IN STYLE TV!!!!
there has been a ton of behind the scenes stuff in the works and in 1 short day (monday at midnight CST) it will be open for everyone to enjoy.
seriously, you are gonna love it here.
so fresh and so clean clean.

so don't mind the bad coloring in this picture, its late here..oops.
and be sure to check out the fashionistas over <<<---------------------------------- for loads more Rak's. surfs up! On tuesday, be sure to sign into SISTV for JJ's giveaway of our first kit! you don't want to miss this baby, being that Kelli Crowe has made specialty papers just for this kit..aaaaaaahhhhh!

for funs and this yummy raK of mine, lets play "i always"
i'll start it off....

* i always have a messy scrap area.
* i always put laundry off until the last minute.
* i always kiss my husband before he goes to work.
* i always tickle my kids.

what do you always do?

Friday, May 11, 2007

fridays finds 3*

sweet fabric by Alexander Henry .
i feel a major sewing fit coming on...
this watch.
juicy...yeah i'd say so.
if i wore it though, it would make me think of sweets even more than i already do.
and that would be bad.
this Roxy shirt.
they make it in a tote too.
seriously, we have to keep our beautiful beaches clean so many more can enjoy them.
i mght have to be a walking billboard for this cause.
and i know i know.
Etsy has been the place to be for awhile, but i finally looked around for a bit the other night and in love love love.
people are so damn creative!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

i am cheesy, i know*

so Anthony flew out to Scottsdale tonight for a few days and i was be bopping around the internet and found this.
YOu all know i am a huge bachelor fan and so i had to share this.
the word is Tessa takes the cake.
I am hoping Anthony runs into him in a few weeks at a Triathlon on Oahu to get the dish.
he promised he'd take a picture if he sees him.
ha ha

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

inspiration searching

and i found this.
it made me giggle.
paris goes to jail.
do not pass go
do not collect 200 hundred dollars.

fully inspired am i!
also, i am swarmed with a messy desk and lots of new pieces for SIStv and can't wait to share them all with you guys on the 15th.
hold onto your hats, because this place is super H*o*T!!
**be on the lookout this Sunday for giveaways from all of the Fashionistas...ack, this is gonna big HUGE!

Monday, May 07, 2007

recap and some winners*

this little girl brought tears to my eyes.
she is a cancer survivor.
the Relay was emotional yet so invigorating.
remembering those who i have lost and praying for those who are fighting.
wow. so glad that i was apart of it.
on a much lighter note....
Anthony went to Scottsdale to work for a few days so needless to say i am up late hoot hooting.
stumbled across this website and had to laugh.
i mean, does he always hold his abs in all funny where his ribs poof out like so?
can't wait for the hometown dates tonight! and for the winners from the other fest!
and yes its plural..i can never just pick one and i am a cleaning fool.

*breanne for edumacating herself and graduating!
*pookiepie76 for the De LaHoya info
*jamaica for the National Make out day. ... too funny
*deanna for G's birthday and the rad pinata too. brownie points for sure.

Oh Happy day. Email your addys and your goods will be on their merry way!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

happy holiday filled day*

for real.

could the calendar hold anything else on May 5th?

Cinco de Mayo


Kentucky Derby

Relay for life here on the island (which you are not suppose to have "drinks" at, but HELLO. its cinco de Mayo)

and heck...its gotta be someones birthday up in here?

if it is or some other special day for you, let me know.

cleaning the scrap room and must remove extras immediately!

*happy day*

Friday, May 04, 2007

fridays finds and facts*

this weeks jack of ms. Stephanie.
dare love.
and this beauty!
should be on a flight near me soon.
thanks deanna, gigi and court for turing me on to this.
if it punches through plexiglass, i am gonna be one happy mama! and lastly...
2 words...
Amy tangerine !
go here to see her fantabulous creations.
seriously awesome!
need one of something bad.

*happy friday*

Thursday, May 03, 2007

relay for life*

I am walking for ..
* my mother, Donna Oliver, a breast cancer survivor.
* Lori Nelson, my dear cousin
* DOttie person who just passed from Melanoma cancer in April 2007
leaving behind her dear husband Andy and five beautiful children.
*joey gallacher, a young boy who just became his families angel!
**this saturday.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


cupcake scrapshop!!!
ya herd?
not only is Colleen the sweetest but so are the kits.
run and check them out!
made this mini about my girls weekend in Waikiki..yipee!
focus on the good. there is so much in this world.

you can check out some of the other stuff i created here.
so excited about all the hype over NSD on May 5th!!
create my keepsake is having a MAD sale.
to the tune of 40% off everything..oh yeah!!
love that place.