Tuesday, October 30, 2007

hooty hoo.

got a little crafty with this HOme depot notepad.
its for A while he is away.
It's filled with everyday we miss you thoughts.
i think he'll love it.
and coming in a day late was this!
ok what?
one of my favorite thrift stores sends out coupons in the mail?!?
bliss i'll tell ya.

next week this bad boy is going to be put to good use!

Monday, October 29, 2007

whats mine is yours.

I took the plunge and am sharing the goodies that i have found and been hoarding.

Thats right, i now have an Etsy shop of my very own.

Today, it just has some vintage finds in it, but much more is to follow.

So my weekly thrifting adventures are now benefiting all and at cheap prices too.



thanks for the push Sara!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

peach pit anyone?

duh nuh nuh nuh
duh nuh nuh nuh
chugh chugh.

theme song anyone?

we took a trip down to the 90210 today and i
joked how we should go to the Peach Pit and hang with
Well second best.
We saw Brian Austin Green!!!
aka David.

and yes that is me pretending to get my picture
taken while Jamie was really shooting Brian.

We are so sneaky.
Welcome to LA mR!

Days don't get much better than the one we all had.
i mean really.
what a treat.
J wrote all about it here and lets be honest, she is alot better with words than me.

Friday, October 26, 2007


step aside Campbell's tomato soup.
this signature soup from Vons is insanely good.
perfectly seasoned and reminds me so much of La Madeleine's Tomato Bisque.
pair with a grilled cheese and you have yourself a killer dinner.

and a link to this album was shared on SIS today and i about feel off my chair.
i have had little records forever and now, i am using them.

and these two at the pumpkin patch.

it does this mommy's heart good.

Pumpkins and holding hands and bundling up...oh my.

i love Fall.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

slow down and enjoy.

i need to create.
do you ever have those days where you crave the creative outlet?
i have been having a few the last week, but life gets in the way.
tonight i say...
forget the dishes.
put off that laundry a day more.
turn off the tv.
and get a going.
thats my plan.

maybe i'll work on a challenge i have coming up over at SIS.
maybe i'll get to crackin on sB's online class.
or how about finishing up on some swap action?

never know.
maybe i could do all 3.

cheers to a creative day.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

in happier news...

see this beauty on the left?
yeah, i eye that thing in every PB catalog i get.
could i ever spend 129.00 on it?...no!
plus, i knew if i was meant to have one, it would surface one day.

that day was Sunday.
place: Ventura swap meet
condition: great
price: 10 dollars.

As we walked out, the hand stamp guy says to Anthony who is carrying it,
"wow, you found something good!"
A says,
"i guess so, that's what she says"

little does he know.
It was a major find in my book!

Monday, October 22, 2007

a red sun?

Due to the fires here in Ca, this is what the sky and sun looked like yesterday afternoon.
embers are flying and the air is unbearable.

Very eery to say the least. Here's to hoping the winds die down so these fires can be put to a stop.
and to keeping the energy and spirits high in the firefighters.
my heart breaks for those losing their homes.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

flattered on this Saturday

Meet the Sparks, our Kauai friends who now live in Seattle.
I miss them like crazy, but got this on an email today.
They took this at Pike's Place Market, a place that holds many great childhood memories for me.
And you know i love the photobooth shots!

and the Berry's.
this brought a few tears to my eyes.
my partners in crime.
the good kind though.
the crafting, photobooth friday, storage auction hunting kind. and Miss Morgan for making this killer unpacking mix for me.
i am so saving this for when i unpack my scrap stuff.
looove it (just like they say on Dragon Tales)

and hell must have frozen over because Aida, my crazy Coke drinking, good idea thinking but not following through friend, joined SIS!!!
and you know i mean that in the sweetest way right?
you better finish up that mini we started and post it up.
don't make me fly to San Antonio.

i love my friends.
sheesh, i could go on and on , but for today this is all she wrote.
this kind of stuff does my heart good.

Friday, October 19, 2007

i ♥ fridays

started out with some cereal with fresh raspberries.
am thinking it would be so cool to make a mini with all morning pictures.
need to follow through on this thought.
maybe i would even become more of a morning person huh?

then i got a face like this.
love the drama of a 3 year old.
My mom says i was just like her.
stinky fish were found.
a carousel ride too.
mom got a little dizzy but the kids loved it.
its an old school one, not that the kids cared, but it was a beauty.
all of that adventure was just part of the quest to find a CA photobooth. we did and its a dollar cheaper than we paid in VA but only has one little stool.
hence the crying and me in the picture.
it'll take time.

Happy weekend time!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

this girl has priorities

Today i need to be inspired.
so what would one Michelle do?
go to downtown Ventura.

it is chalked full of antique stores, boutiques ( my new favorite was found), super good mexican food and some of the best thrift stores i know.
gotta love that.
old wallpaper
an orange tray
some old forks
vintage patterns and for men at that
and some art in close to 6x12 size.

as i packed up these goodies i thought, how cool would it be to make a mini out of stuff i bought each time i went thrifting?!?

good way to not hoard huh.

we'll see how it turns out.

and for my mini me thrifters...

Olivia found a Belle dress and Pocahontas shoes =$5.00

Kyan found 2 Thomas the train books=$2.00

today was good.

Monday, October 15, 2007

we meet again

may 2007
october 2007

nothing is broken.

it all made it.

we love our house.

beach air smells dang good again.

kids are happy.

our bed sleeps like a dream cloud.

cooking with my own stuff is awesome.

yeah for CA living once again.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

away we go

to Delta passengers traveling today,

Just a warning.
Today i am traveling with 2 kiddos and no husband across country.
Please keep your dirty looks to yourself if the kids are fussing.
I have a huge bag of toys, a dvd player, and lots of snacks.
Hopefully these things will keep them happy.
If not, please pass over some candy or liquor will do too.
and if i am stuggling with the stroller, 2 carseats and bags, know that i will get you a drink for helping this girl out.
I just colored my hair so its sparkling black.
I am wearing a white tank, brown Juicy pants and my favorite tennis shoes, just so you know its me and what to look for.

Thanks for making this trip an easier one for me.
You know i've got love for flying.
oh and pS... be nice to your flight attendants.
They are there for your safety.

Michelle Ramirez

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

2 dollars and 75 cents

no not the tattoo or that cutie in the red shirt.
that bad boy typewriter.
cha ching.

Monday, October 01, 2007


now this is something is spend your money on.
papers and kit created by ms. Contes herself...oh yeah, its good.
and Scrap In Style has a fresh online store filled with tons o goodies and many more things to come.
Love what Jeanette's vision has in store for us all.

This weekend we enjoyed some beach time.
full of carnival food, sculptured sandcastles and art.
fun fun.

and now we are in full hang out with friends because we are leaving to CA on Thursday mode.

packed up the house today and feel so much more together about it all.

and first thing Friday morning we are going to see a house for rent that i think i am gonna love.

mind you, we have no boat, but this house is on the water and has a 40 foot dock.

i think a jet ski might be in order if we get it.

wish us luck on that and luck to me for the cross country plane ride with 2 wee ones.

mama is nervous.