Wednesday, November 07, 2007

for the love of local music.

this girl.
listening to her music on repeat.
adore it.

pre kids, we used to love going to concerts.
the whole feel of live music, the people and that we are close to LA the time has come to revisit this fun outing.

Found this little venue and my mind is spinning with the artists.
i think i may have to get a sitter for the 10th.

i am in musical bliss right now.

notice the playlist filled with CA tunes?
are there any artists you think i must check out?
let me know.


Anilu Magloire said...

I'm off to download some of her tunes!
We were total concert buffs too... Now I get my own personal live concerts to the tunes of the Backyardigans :)

Michelle Guray said...

awesome playlist. i'm glad to see you have tori amos there because that is one of my all time favorite songs.

miss morgan... said...

live shows are one of those things that when you are away you forget how truly awesome they are, and then once you get back in the saddle you don't want to ever get off it again. there is absolutely nothing like experiencing live music you love squished in with hundereds of other people who all feel the same way. it's such an awesome energy!

shelly b said...

Love concerts, and my hubs does I have to find people to go!! love meikos music!

Liv said...

speaking of live music, i have my pics from the colbie caillat concert up! :)


she and baby daddy should SO do a song together soon. that'd be magic.

hope you and the kiddos are doing well!

Breanne Crawford said...

ohhh she is GOOD.

thanks for sharing the music love.