Thursday, April 16, 2009

crafty in the kitchen

Without a doubt breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.
So much so, that I can eat it for dinner too.
Recently I had splurged at Costco and bought the big thing o' croissants.
This is a rarity because I find them delightful yet oh so bad for me.
But they won the battle and came home with me in order to make
Coconut croissant french toast.
BAD. Bad. bad.....but really so so delish.
If you crave coconut as much as I do, give these a whirl.
Cut croissants in half and set aside.
Then wisk 2 eggs, milk, cinnamon, and healthy splash of coconut flavoring together in a bowl.
dip croissants in batter and let the excess drip off completely.
Then cook just like normal french toast.
Top with butter and raspberry syrup (if you have it).
These babies are pretty filling, so making less is really more with this breakfast treat.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter weekend.

We sure did.


Alex Hardy said...

you had me at croissant.
(and coconut). mmm ...

Heidi Joe said...