Friday, April 10, 2009

ps... blog, I've kinda missed you

When housebound with sick kiddos who are sleeping much more than normal, conquer those to do list projects with that extra time.
This chandelier has been at the top of my list for awhile and finally I got to it. yipee.
Renting houses always brings upon some decorating challenges for me.
The question of how can I make what they currently have up look better for us and our style?
solution 129:
Cut strips of muslin and wrap the heck out of that wrought iron and flair it up with a piece of vintage jewelry that I found for a dollar.
I'm liking how it turned out and am amped to start some more overdue to do's.
This is about as crafty as I get these days.


belladrummer said...

so sweet!
i've missed you!


kerry lynn said...

this idea made my day chellers
i miss you
hope the littles are feeling better