Friday, June 12, 2009

eeks,tomorrow is the big day.

"Me feel pretty" is about to take flight.
Where finally all my hard work will move from this bookshelf, to a pretty little 10x10 spot at Seabee Days.
The excitement is overwhelming, in a fantastical way!
It's a small venue, but a perfect place to start.
Funny this morning as I was setting up my canopy that I was clearly the new kid on the block.
If you live in Ventura county, come by and see me.
It would be fantastic to see some familiar faces.
For now I have to get spiffed up for Olivia's preschool graduation.
Amazing how time flies.
Dressing her in a cap and gown at age 4 is just surreal.
She is a smart little cookie though and I will for sure be the proud mom crying as they say her name.
Cheers to a wonderful weekend.


Breanne Crawford said...

best of luck, michelle!

EliseBlaha said...

ooh how fun! I wish I was in LA still. I would be first in line.

Maybe when I move to San Diego we can share a booth at one of these?

Liv said...

how'd it go??

amber said...

I was checking in to see how you had done...Can't wait to hear!

lisa garay said...

you are pure fabulousness.