Sunday, August 16, 2009

krafting and such.

There is something so special about making custom orders.
My sister in law and family were just visiting for a week.
In between beachtime and Rockband, I made these little ones for her.
I had such fun sitting on the living room floor tossing around ideas with her.
She is taking these back to Dallas with her to be dangled upon her friends.
Enjoy girls. And the adventure in the studio continues.
Seriously, this room is so tiny, it's hard to get a good picture.
Hopefully you get the just.
After hours of wrestling this kraft paper, I finally covered all the walls.
As I was wrestling, all I could think was why in the world people used to wallpaper EVERYTHING?!?
All that goop and mess...eeks.
In an attempt to leave no damage to the existing (nasty) wallpaper, I first went the double sided sticky tape route.
After completing about half the room, the walls started coming down around me...literally.
You can imagine how pissed I was.
Then out came the staple gun in full force. It worked like the champ it is.

Then to finish it off a little I used a huge roll of vintage grey, velvet ribbon as a border.
Wah la....much better I think.
Now to bring in the goods and make this room functional.

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Sara Berry said...

Brilliant! I love the stuff you made your sis--we are overdue on phone time so expect a call this week!