Monday, August 31, 2009

lunchtime memories...

And just like that, she is our big Kindergartner.

Tucked away in her backpack were these petite lunches.
Made with love and craftiness for sure.

After seeing these on Wendy's blog about a year ago, I was hooked.
What a cute, not to mention memorable way to eat lunch.
And honestly it's not anymore work than a normal lunch packing which is fantastic.
Bento happy I am.
Despite my best efforts though, Olivia would much rather buy from the cafeteria.
Go figure.

Cheers to back to school time!


Sara Berry said...

Ha, ha! Love your lunches -- I plan on doing the same for H. He already told me that he wants LUNCHROOM food. What is wrong with these kids today?
Give Miss Olivia a big hug from us--and expect my call when H starts up and I need 'support'.

Vee said...

love it, really need to get one for Synai! She would love this and she is such a picky little eater so she is a packer everyday. She started K last week, hope Olivia had a great day! I know she had a wonderful lunch! :) xo

Jamie Ko said...

aw...if we had cute lunches like this when we were kids, I'd totally eat them everyday! I had to go with the brown bags and thermos way back when.

did you go to that Daiso store opening in SD? my mom told me about a place up north in South San Francisco and she said it was the cutest place ever. They sold all kinds of Japanese products there. I gotta go the next time I'm home.

miss you and will call you soon!

belladrummer said...

i'd like to sit next to her at lunchtime :)
dang these look to cute to eat.
i love that you are rockin' the bento!!!

Breanne Crawford said...

i'm thinking they grow up WAY too fast. love how cute your lunches are!