Thursday, August 31, 2006

so not computer saavy

so i am just starting out with this whole blogging thing and need some help.
I have read the help things on here and no luck.
If you are reading this and wouldn't mind sharing your wealth of knowledge, it would be much appreciated.
mainly i want to add blogs and other sites I visit.
thanks in advance.
boring entry I know, but I would love the help.
happy Thursday!

** updated...
blogger must have read this because I went to mess with it all some more and waa laa, there was an easier format.
thanks deanna for your help though.

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DBird said...

Michelle! I was going through my comments thinking, I don't have my blog linked in my signature.. then I looked at yours and yours had one. I need to do that too. Anyway, FUNNNN! To add links on the right, click on the Template tab, then scroll down, til you see the HTML tags < h2 >Links < / h2 > (I used spaces so the browser would render these and actually show them in this comment. Copy and repaste that.. then add the links. Does this make sense? If you need help, e-mail me Girlah. -Deanna