Monday, May 05, 2008

not sure of a title but got alot to say.

This night owl needs to transform into an early bird.
Leaving on a jet plane back to the islands in the morning.
Taking the kids to Maui for the week.
Getting back where our hearts are is going to be a special treat to say the least.
Going on a papaya only diet too.
my spoon and lime are ready.

These times as a single mom of sorts is rough, but so rewarding at the same time.
Its never a dull moment that's for sure.

Above is the adrenaline rushed, worn out mama. That was the hot new shirt I bought to wear to the big estate sale.

It was beyond words.

For real. All I can spat out still is Holy shit and its been a couple days.

I went Friday and Saturday.

Bought the coolest piece ever!! (sorry for no picture yet, I have to put it back together first)Two massive trikes for the kids, a special surprise for my man, and met Pam.

and I swear if the footage is used and I am seen on this show, I am gonna be hysterical. I was geeking out big time over my purchase.


Kissing my boy in the reflection of the bread box set we bought for Heidi.

and off to finish packing for days full of this.

Aloha and Cheers to Cinco De Mayo.

and for a little scrappy goodness, the beyond creative Kara asked me to guest design over at the Art is found.

This girl is rad. end of story.


Kara said...

Thanks again! Your project kicks some A. Have fun in Hawaii. I am frickin' jealous. Like, really jealous. :)

sara berry said...

You went back on Saturday? and met the Pam? Holy cats...your footage better make the tube or else I will be sending her some hate mail. Can't wait to catch up when you get back from your trip...wish you the best time!

Gigi said...

back to the motherland....ahhhhh, you lucky girl...enjoy sweetie
& dude...can....not....WAIT to see the purchase, how cool are you meeting pam! omgosh that is CRAZY awesome!!!


kerry lynn said...

i am so proud!
and so happy we got to chat today.
and happy for you three who get to go back "home" for some r&r. so deserved.
love you.

kokopuffs said...

have a great and relaxing time in Hawaii. after all the craziness that was your weekend, you need the opportunity to just chill out.

miss to you soon okay? maybe you could just bring back a little bit of that ocean smell and warmth for us? the Lieus would love it so.

The DCG. said...

you're coming to Maui!!!!!!! hehe. that is beyond awesome, for sure :) Hawaii misses the Ramirez Ohana... that will be such a nice treat for the entire state :) hehe.

i know yall have some plans kicking, and we've got tons of fam in town for a wdg this weekend, but I hope we can connect! omg, right!

and you actually MET PAM??!?!?! omg, right?! you must be still wiggin out. i would be, lol.

and that top pic of olivia? i think of you/her when ever we walk up that terminal and see that mural. whew. that was a long one. must catch up :) xo!

miss morgan... said...

so fun!

amytangerine said...

eeek! have so much fun darling!
love that you went to her sale and got the goods!
also love the GDT work!

Breanne Crawford said...

enjoy every single second of your vacation.

i wish you were going to sisiversary so i could give you big hugs.

miss you, dear girl.

Vee said...

have fun!!! i can't wait to see what you got from Pam's house!! :)

Ashley Wren said...

how freaking cool.
i would be a complete nerd too.
and maui...and papaya...
you are living the life sweetheart,
and i know you miss you bookie-kins...but i know you don't take him for granted...
i love you...
lets never ever be strangers ok?


***Welcome said...

super uber envious of your whole beverly hills fabulous estate sale experience...and to comment on a past post i read..about you snuggling with your kiddos with cereal boxes in your bed...b/c you miss you honey..i am truly grateful and don't know how i would handle such separation..i can only imagine it makes you MUCH stronger...i called my boyfriend and immediately told him how grateful i was..

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

I just found your blog, from another blog that I frequent. Have to say LOVE your pics! Can't wait to see what you scored from Pam's house. Hope your trip to Hawaii was fun!

kim brimhall said...

ohhh ive missed your posts...playing catch up.....looks like fun!!! have a blast! loves missy!