Wednesday, April 30, 2008

day 43 on a happier note.

fantastic stuff right?!?
did you ever see this?
ack!! I did years ago and I am going there this weekend?
EVERYTHING in her home is for sale?
Its gotta be a joke right?
Lucky for me its not and I will be there this weekend no doubt.
I can't even stand it.
at least $10 will be spent because if I go there without buying something, my husband will never forgive me.
It is Pamela Anderson after all.
so cool.
I am nerding out over this, forgive me.


Heidi Joe said...

DUDE! I remember that Cribs and thinking that I wanted a house exactly like that... with the outdoor bathtub!

I once saw her in Fred Segal on Melrose, too. Totally frightening. She was make-upless and wearing the wrong size bra. EEK. I know we've all been there, but on her it was a trainwreck.

Good luck! Snag me something cool and I will pay ya back! (wink!)

kokopuffs said...

oh no "real" emergency after all....3 missed calls and a voicemail had me worried.

so you know you can count me in, about 99.9% right? I may just have to meet you at Pam's house, cuz you know we're there all the time.

and maybe we can get a picture with our friend? and show Anthony what he missed out on???

Veronica said...

Why is she selling it all?? Geez that is so awesome!

Gigi said...

3 words for you girlie....


omg...i'm so freaking green w/ jealousy right lucky ducky...
have fun!!!
& i want ALL the deets when you get back

eeek! omg...seriously...



lauren said...

you'll have to let us know if the stuff is super expensive or not...b/c she is a super celebrity and all!! :)
beautiful treasures!! i hope you have fun!!
oh, and did you ever end up scoring that chest with a gazillion drawers last week?? update us!!

scrappinJen said...

Take a looksie over the jacuzzi in the mbr. i'm such a loser that i know she had a bust of her preggo belly and all (wink) in there. that would be a lovely addition to your decor. ha.

The DCG. said...

holy shizzle! hahaha. OMG good luckahs... i'ma go text the j right now. maybe yall scored HUGE! and ^^heidi is so funny and yeah, i remember seeing her house on cribs too. whoa. can't wait to hear your results!

CandiMandi said...

what?! Pam an's house? no way. no freaking way. How cool is that?

Liv said...

are you f'real? like, seriously??? i can't even TALK to you right now! omg, you're so damn lucky! pleeeeeeeease take lots of pictures so we can all live vicariously. :) that is all i ask.
have fun!

udandi said...

So the sale was canceled due to city ordinance?! bummer.

Cool blog, I found it through the Art is Found :)

Cat said...

SOOOOOOOOO COOOL! I wouldn't have guessed her stuff looked like that, but i love it. I hope you found some great stuff.