Friday, June 05, 2009

Tears of joy...I love when that happens.

So it was, back in April, I took an amazing workshop class with the sweetest Christine.
Her talent is beyond and I couldn't wait to make one of these beauties.
To say I was nervous to solder for the first time was an understatement, but I was thrilled to find how simple it was.
Not to mention calming, as I watched the metal flow.
So this is what my end product turned out to be.
For my Mom...

Seeing this picture always brings tears to my eyes and I knew there could be no better one to use for this project.
It was taken of my my and aunt (twins) when they were about 3.
My aunt has since passed, hence the wings.
My hope is that this brings you peace and joy Mom.
As much as it did me to make this treasure for you.


Deanna G. said...

i am all choked up. this is a gorgeous treasure! so so sweet.

Mandi said...

Wow. How special!

Jenny said...

omg. i knew as soon as i saw the first image. who this must be. what a treasure.

Jamie Ko said...

i didn't know your mom had a twin! I think she's gonna love's a total keepsake for sure!

miss you.

sara berry said...

It is so beautiful Michelle! You did an amazing job on this. I know your mom must love it.
I got a soldering tool today--eeek. Pray I don't burn myself, okay? :)

Kate said...

so beautiful!! wow.
(ps thank you for linking to me! i like you already!!)