Wednesday, October 18, 2006

big day here...


today was the grand opening of Costco here on Kauai.

It has taken forever, but it is here and it is grand.

so awesome to have some reasonable prices.

for real.

just a quick example.

gas price pre costco...$ 3.38


are you kidding....such a change and now more money to spend on scrap goodies.

after shopping with tons of people with permagrins, I overfilled my cart with lots of fresh fruits, veggies, meats, kids food snacks and lots of other yummy things.
As i was drooling over the size of the fresh prawns ( banana joke), a man passed by and said " wow, this Costco opening is bigger than Hurricane Inikiwas in 1991." Damn. I was not here for the Hurricane thanks goodness, but i for sure got what he was saying...too funny.

gotta love it!!!


DBird said...

OMGosh, I didn't even know yall were getting one! Woot woot! Love the pic, super cuteness. Your expression says it all! The best though... "save money.. more for scrap goodies." Muahahaha.

Iniki. Yeah, not so good. I was super young, but remember the wrath of it all. Sad. But Kauai is beautimus now. Fully equipped with Costco. Gas hurts the pocketbook hardcore right now.

We're still waiting for Zippys here in Maui. Ohhh, Z. Coming from HNL with a Z around every block. But, we're waiting and will get one soon. I hope :)

michelleguray said...

costco is awesome! i love going there on sundays when they have free samples. and i love your happy pic!!

kelly mccaleb said...

that is HUGE!
we were that excited when one opened 5 minutes from us, instead of our long drive of 15 minutes to one!
i heart costco, congrats!
ps- my favorite costco purchase is the mezzo hummus dip (delicious) with organic blue corn chips (delicious)

Jamie said...

oh yeah, I have Costco right across the street from me. so convenient. If I don't want to drive, i just walk! but that one is relocating in a bit, so I won't have it so close anymore.

Costco is deadly though, you go in for one thing, and come out with 20 others. just like Target.

have a great day Michelle!

Heidi Joe said...

I miss Costco soooo badd...we don't have one here but we did back home in San Diego.

I love their hummus, too... and the Tzaziki sauce that's right next to it. YUM. And a great lunch is to just go in there and eat samples for free.

I totally LOVE the enthusiastic Costco photo, too! I know I would be hugging all the workers in there.


Susie said...

I don't know what we would do without a Costco around- so yea! I'm happy for the cute island gal :)