Sunday, October 29, 2006

pump it..


pump it.


gotta love the black eyed peas.

We carried their fun spirit into Halloween this year at our house.

Anthony and Kyan dressed up as black eyed P's for the kids party the other night and looked awesome. Surprisingly Kyan did not mind the black around his eye either which was a huge plus.

The coolest part is that they won best family costume and a 20 gift cert. too.

Olivia dressed up as Dora but threw a huge fit on the way. Basically, she showed up in shorts and shirt because she had torn all the accessories off on the walk there. oh fun times of a two year old, i'll tell ya.

Tonight we put out some more decorations and are so ready for the actual Halloween on Tuesday. I think i may find a way to dress up as Fergie and really carry out the whole Black eyed peas motif.

isn't it crazy how Halloween goes on and on now. I don't know about you, but there have been tons of parties and garb for this holiday. I love it, but it feels like Halloween is a week long affair this year.

Before i know it all the fall stuff will be down and it will be full blown Christmas time. Wow, how time flies.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween.


DBird said...

OMGosh, I get it! Hahahahaha. That is so dang creative - they look rad and you should totally duke it up like Fergie :) Woot woot!

I didn't get a chance to shop for costumes, but it's ok. We'll just bbq so that should be coolness.

Ben Franklin has their full blow CMas stuff out. I was like, wha? Already? heh. Sounds like you and the fam had a great weekend :) Yay.

Heidi Joe said...

Super dang friggin' cute Michelle! I love little baby.. he's just like "Yeah, got black on my eye... whatevah... you know how I roll."

So precious... You totally need to Fergie-ize yourself for Tuesday, man! Love it!

michelleguray said...

omygosh that is so so cute!! and if you dress up like Fergie you need to post a pic, k?! i've had her fergielicious song playing in my head for 3 days now. happy halloween!

Jamie said...

hardy har har!! i get it too. i was trying to figure out the costumes before reading your entry and now the light bulb goes off. love it. I need a costume for tonight, maybe I'll do that instead...

hottie hubby by the way....woo hoo!

Jessica Rabbit said...

okay one of the cutest costumes I've ever seen!
so glad I stumbled upon this!
thanks for sharing.