Wednesday, October 11, 2006

sign me up

oh yea!
i signed up for an online class at Shimelle and am so excited.
the whole deal with the class is to really get to know yourself and things that make you tick.
also i am thrilled to know i will have a book for my kids to see when they get older of what i was like. so cool.
I am working on the notebook now and on the 15th....let the mini book begin.

on another way cool note:
i am doing a circle journal with some A*mazing girls over on two peas. Deanna, aka D-bird, asked me to join in and i can hardly wait to do this. It will be my first one so wish me luck that i do it all right. The theme of the book is life-isms and noting some of the quotes and life lessons that are most meaningful to you...yipee.

off i go to get started!!


Jamie said...

omg, michelle..I'm taking the shimelle class too!! ooh!! so it looks like you, me and Deanna are gonna be classmates! and circle journal buddies too! I just love the friends that scrapbooking helps us make. it's gonna be fun!!

DBird said...

OMGosh is right Michelle! Woo hoo :) I'm so excited about all this - the CJ, the Shimelle class... and taking part with you girlahs. Way way way rad. About that CJ... can I make a miniBOOK about my CJ buddies too? I think so. Hahahaha.

Can't wait to see your stuffs!

michelleguray said...

yay for the journal! and have fun with your class! that's so cool!