Thursday, December 07, 2006

a few updates

sorry to start out on a bad note but....i finally have some news that will hopefully help my little boy. He is way WAY allergic to Peanuts. Since he was born he's had skin issues and i have tried everything to try and fix it. I followed my motherly instinct this last doctors visit and now have a huge answer. Yes, it sucks he is allergic, but thank God we know what to do to avoid future pain and suffering for him. Tonight i will sleep better and tomorrow its back into the doctor to get to the bottom of it all. Wish us luck.

so on a happier note...D made this awesome banner for me to use. To bad i am not computer saavy enough to get this on my header,(even with all her help), so i will just display its prettiness here for all to see...thanks Deanna!
also, i am wanting to get busting out a christmas book of all the things i love in my home this time of year and here are a few photos i hope to include. Traditions are too fun not to record.
gotta love christmas dinner ware! *love* that i got most of it on super clearance, as i call it, at Target a few years ago. ahhhh...bliss. I am totally wanting to do this too . A day in the fun huh? ahhh...hopefully now that i am kicking this cold i can start getting some fun stuff done instead of napping.


Jamie said...

yeah the skulls are new, but doing some cool stuff.

I think I went a little overboard on my Day in the Life, but it was kinda cool.

Hope you feel better, but tis the season for lots of sicknesses...hopefully it passes soon!

DBird said...

Awww Michelle, at least you folks are getting a handle on Kyan's peanut issue. Good luck on that :)

You're too sweet to show the banner, haha. Seriously... call me or I'll call you and can walk you through it. It might've been more confusing having to read my e-mail, haha.

I *so* love your Christmas tidbits. Ahhh, it's wonderful. And those target goodies? Yeah, wayyyyyyyyy rad!

Ronda P. said...

I'm so glad you found out about the peanut allergy. Too bad it is in everything. I hope all goes well for him.
Those plates are so SWEET. Man what a find.