Wednesday, December 13, 2006


snap! i can not believe my name is on this list.
for real?!? when i saw this call on Falyn's blog, i knew i had to go for it. SO me. I love love love how Kristen brings in misc. goodies to her kits and can hardly wait to get my first one to play with next month. Thanks so much....still can't believe it....yipee!!!!
If you have not seen her kit....speed up your type ridden fingers and check it...

with this great news too, i want to thank michelle for her sweet words about the whole design team thing. you were right!

also Had to jump in on this weeks Dare with the Effers.

Jamaica came up with it this time around and i LOVED the dare.

Make a layout about your name.

Of course my Dad gave up the fight to name me Porscha , but whenever i think of him telling the story..i giggle. was so fun to make a page to document it too.

in other fun stuff....

I got a super sweet postcard from Deanna in the mail and it made my day!! thanks girl.

also in fun mail..i got not one but 2 ultra cool CJ's from heidi....eeks...i can not wait to get workin on them. Its so fun to see them at this stage as they are almost done. I have to say a huge thanks to you too girl for the Jam cd! at lunch today, the kids and i were rockin out to NKOTB, Lisa lisa and so many other great 80's music makers.

what a fun week it has been.


Heidi Joe said...

YAY! I'm So happy for you and the DT, Michelle! Can't wait to see the pure genius you come up with! Congrats, for reeels.

Glad the CJs made it there...I love those Choxies and they are from Target which I think you're not getting enough of!

Congrats again, friend! LOVE IT!

ahardy said...


Way to go Michelle!
That is so awesome.
You are one rockin' scrapper.
Can't wait to see what you and where you go.

Oooh...can't wait to get those JAMS!

Jenny said...

It's about friggin time you said something. So happy for you (again). Can't wait til 2007 to see your stuff!

michelleguray said...

my dear, dear MR...told you your work speaks for itself! i'm bouncing off the walls happy for you and the peekie on the site looks awesome! i was totally going to purchase but it's sold out! hopefully in feb! i'm so looking forward to seeing your fab work on the kit! love that you were going to be named porsha too! and that lo rocks.

Karla said...

Girl you are a pioneer of ZING bang Boom!!! That's awesome!!! have loads of fun! And that page is just freakin' cool!!!!! Can't wait to see all of your creations! You are so darn talented it disscusting!
Chat with ya soon -Karla

DBird said...

This. Is. Huge. I'm toasting my morning pepsi to you right now MR. WOOTY FRkn WOO! Hahaha. A design team?? You'll have to make a page and title it "FAMOUS". You deserve every minute of it because your work is phenom. Love it.

Awww, glad you liked the post card ;)


Jamie K said...

congrats MR!! so super cool! you are in the company of some awesome will fit right in!

OMG, I just got Heidi's rockin' arse CD and you can bet I was up doing the dance routines for the NKOTB songs. Mike was looking at me a little weird the whole entire time.

kellymccaleb said...

super dooper congrats!!! that is really cool!

Ronda P. said...

How awesome! I hope you have a blast on the DT!

Nura Keif said...

Congrats for making to the DT.We will be working together again hehe...Happy holidays, Michelle!!;)