Saturday, December 16, 2006

santa love and a new do

ew whatta bing boom...

da da da da da da..

today was a good day.

i am singing that song as i type here.

so today was a happy saturday and its not even over.


i am stressin about leaving for the mainland for two weeks.

but i am thrilled to see everyone.

to get ready, my husband took the kids for the morning for some shopping and such while mommy got her hair done.

can i just say ...I feel sexy!

it has been so long since i remember feeling this way.

it must have been way before i had my kids, so i am grinning ear to ear.

its amazing how a new do can boost your spirits. oh yeah.
tonight we are going to a chirstmas party too, so HOT DOG, its going to be fun.
shakin it all about on the dance floor.
and santa...
i know i know.
i made my little one be tortured by wearing those silly reindeer ears and sitting with santa, but sometimes you do what you have to for a picture right?
And big "oh yea's" for my Olivia.
she was terrified of sitting with santa and then finally did it and got the cutest photo.
love the holidays.


Heidi Joe said...

CUTE!! All of it....

Love your fun little kidlets. So adorable.

And that new do, girl... straight up ROCKS! Makes me want to cut my hair!! (So does working in a hair salon.)

michelleguray said...

oh your hair's short! it's so cute! love the pics of the little ones too...poor kyan but, yup, we moms gotta do what we gotta do!

Ronda P. said...

You do look Sexy with that new do! Love it!

I have a couple of those shots with my kids! LOL. Funny how they change once they realize presents are involved!

Jamie K said...

love the new do MR! you are so right, a new do always makes you feel good.

poor kyan...but rock on Olivia!!

staceyfike said...

sometimes the cutest photos require sacrafices and someday, she'll understand least you hope she will.
and, new hair....the best feeling ever!! love it...

amber said...

LOVE that new hairdo, Michelle! Looks so good! And look at your kiddos with the Hawaiian Santa. So cute.

DBird said...

Hot Mama :) For rill! So love the hair did. I have to be careful though because I don't give it any thought and chop it all off. That's before I forget that the humidity here and my woofah hair doesn't do so well short :( But you, MR, are SMOKIN'.

And totally radness pics of the kids with Santa and his aloha shirt. Man, that's rad.