Monday, June 18, 2007

but daddy, i want a golden goose NOW!

seriously i am whiny like that these days.

finally we are getting settled in here in Virginia beach.

good friends.

good deal on a car at the auto auction.

good sleeping for the kids.

good food.

good shopping.

BAD that i have had no time to scrap!


i am assuming the role of Veruca salt.

must sit down and create soon.

i did get to meet heidi and that was as sweet as the Sprinkles we ate. and yes in true scrapbooking fashion, we asked for extra stickers.


speaking of sweets ....tomorrow is my little girly girl sweets birthday!!

happy 3rd Olivia!!!

watch out coldstone we come.


DBird said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!!! Woo hoo :) What a cutie... she can have anything she wants with that smile :)

so glad all is going well so far on this journey :)

dude. when you do get to scrapping again, it's gonna be on like fiahhh :) can't wait.

miss and love yah.

kokopuffs said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!! I went to Disneyland today just for you :)

glad you are getting settled in. I'm sure Hawaii misses you much...

but us Mainland girlahs are glad you're here!!

Heidi Joe said...

Guess who's back... back again... mR's back... tell yo friend...

So glad you all made it there and that things sound like they are movin' along quite swimmingly.

I will email you the rest of our pics. So fun!

Vee said...

happy birthday Olivia
she is such a cutie pootie!! :)
so glad you made it to VA safely!!
we should hook up in Williamsburg this summer at water country :)

ahardy said...


happy to see you settled...
and can't wait to see the goodness
you come up with for the new SiS.
i know you'll *ROCK IT* like no one's

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!
Dude, you're in VA beach?
My sis goes to school down there.
Very cool that you are nearby!
Have fun at Coldstone...yum.

sally hanna said...

did ya want some cheese with that whine?
sorry, couldn't resist the cheesy joke, no pun intended!!
glad you are getting settled in at your new home.
happy happy bday baby olivia!

*~*Amber*~* said...

happy happy b-day Olivia! Sorry im a lil late! haha So fun! Glad ur back! missed you!!! xoxo

amber said...

Happy Happy Birthday Olivia! I didn't realize she was turning 3. She looks older, like she'd be turning 4.

So glad you're back. Glad the move was a success!

livvie said...

is that a LUSH store that I spy in that picture? :) good to hear from you. i'll drop ya an email soon.

idanasi said...

happy birthday to olivia!!!

Anilu Magloire said...

Your girlie is incredibly cute!!
Hope you get to scrap soon :)

PROLIX said...


a little bonjour from la France!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
artsy english-fran├žais blog

kerry lynn said...

happy b-day olivia!!!