Tuesday, June 05, 2007


taking a quick breather to let everyone know we are alive a kicking.
things have been super crazy since our house was packed.

vacationed for a week.
said goodbyes to hawaii friends.
took a red eye.
visited with family in Bakersfield.
picked up Anthonys jeep.
and our going to Universal studios in the morning.

we are beat but having loads of fun.
my sisters says a crash is coming soon...i may have to agree.
thank goodness for caffeine huh?

will be sure to catch up more on things soon.
will be in Dallas for almost a week and have a bunch more fun stuff planned.
will post new pictures of our adventures soon.
NEED to scrap.


Vee said...

so glad you are well girlie!!
can't wait to hear and see more
have fun!!!!

kokopuffs said...

did you get my text message? I think I sent it on June 1, but you might've still been on the plane.

so glad you made it safely. now you're on the same piece of land as me!!!

scrap {n} flava said...

-So glad you got to pop in- and that you are having lots of fun! Hopefully you will get some paper in your hands real soon!

Heidi Joe said...

Yay, girl! I missed you! When are you in Dallas? It would be fun if we could swang on down and hang... let me know maybe we can work it out. Holla on the caffiene, though. Try those Inviga green tea drinks... they're yummy and they'll perk ya right up!

shelly b said...

Hope you're havin fun with all your craziness!

sally hanna said...

keep the caffeine coming!
have good times wherever y'all are!

Courtney DeLaura said...

so glad you all are having so much fun! Court