Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy first December weekend.

dressed up in all Navy gear and watched Navy stomp all over Army in the big rivalry game.
ate too many breakfast sweets which = kids bouncing off the walls. we all took naps.
found a new delish pizza at Costco and made it for dinner.

took daddy to the Santa Barbara zoo for the first time.
paid way to much for a 5 minute train ride, but Kyan loved it.
Fed a giraffe....very cool by the way.

enjoyed the sunshine, especially for it being December.
sang Christmas songs with the kids on the drive home.
that stuff does my heart good.

Hosted a little party and came to realize that i am much fonder of being the party goer vs. the hostess.


Anthony had the day off...3 day weekends are a favorite of mine.

flu shots were given.

Mommy got some mommy time and finished up the Christmas shopping...whew.

and my pink and teal loving friend celebrated a birthday!

love busy,yet festive December days.

Happy Holidays!


amytangerine said...

sounds like fun- 3 day weekends are truly the best. we always get the square take n bake supreme pizza from costco. what's the new pizza?

kokopuffs said...

what handsome Ramirez boys you have there!

and zoo time on a sunny, warm weekend sounds fab! I was stuck indoors all weekend but that's okay...

can't wait to see you again really soon. I think we definitely need to have some scrappy time while the boys go out and play..

amber said...

Thank you so much! Love that card. How could I not? It's got all of my faves!!

Vee said...

yum new pizza at costco! love the pic of your boys and so happy you are happy!! :)

miss morgan... said...

yay for giraffes! i have been in love with them ever since once licked me with his big purple tongue at the zoo when i was little!