Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My little slice of an alpha wall all of my own.

Tonight i took the time.

Were there many other things I should have been doing?
Have I wanted to hang these for a few months now?

and so I did just that.
I even purchased a few more for the collection while I was at it too.
It needs a little spunk of color.

Take a little bit and do something you have been itching to do.
The water is warm and it feels great!


kokopuffs said...

ooh mR, that wall is going to be so grand.

and guess what, me and Deanna both have those Anthro letters too. she's got the D&G and I have the J&M. so I KNOW you bought the M&A right?

i think it's time for another visit. I wanna see the wall too..

Vee said...

love your wall!! so glad you had a wonderful christmas!! :)
kiss kiss, love! ;)

miss morgan... said...

they look awesome! and they all fit together so perfectly! love it!

Heidi Joe said...

The wall rocks the show. For real. =) Love it!

Anilu Magloire said...

Oh, it looks absolutely fabulous!!
I will take your advice definitely. I need to create!

Anonymous said...

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