Saturday, December 29, 2007

just putting it out there.

For years or really since forever, i have hated running.
I would and still do, make up any excuse to not do it.
Every Monday ,in 9th grade gym class, we were made to run the "fun run"
It was probably not even 2 miles, but I worked over every excuse in the book to get out of it.
Most oftenly used was my monthly visit from Mother Nature. It worked like a charm at least once a month.

But now, i want to change.
I enjoy working out and this is the one thing i can not do.
Embarassing admittance...i can barely run one single mile.
so i made this.
A little reminder for me and I am putting it out there that I in fact can do this.
It sounds crazy hearing this come out of my mouth and it even makes me cringe a bit, but i will do a Triathlon.
oh yes.
I am a strong believer that thoughts you put out there materialize.

cheers to running.


kokopuffs said...

mR, I absolutely enjoy this layout a lot. the paint smeared across the bottom, the "brick wall" and the journaling peeking through. rock out.

and your goal to run? it can SOOO be done. Mike went from barely making it 15 minutes on a treadmill to running 3 miles in a matter of months. so I know you can do it.

me on the other hand...forget it about it!

sarah.b said...

I just thought I would share this site with you, don't know if you have been to it or not, but here it is...

they have the coolest couch to 5k(which I know isn't a lot) program that I think I want to try eventually, and I don't think that you need to be embarrassed that you can barely run a mile, I can barely run 500ft, SERIOUSLY, LOL!!!

EliseBlaha said...

go go go go go.
go is right.
you got it.

sara berry said...

Oh, yay! I know, KNOW, you can do it--Why do I know? Because I do it and I am the laziest person on earth. :) Seriously, it is worth the pain you go through getting to the point where it isn't painful anymore. It feels so good to just go! I need to call you--sorry it has been so long. Mailing the journals MONDAY...yes. really. ♥u.

Jody said...

I shouldn't just encourage you on this self-challenge...I should join you! But I can't run either. At all. And I'm too shy to put it out there and then fail.
So I will sit here and encourage you. And WISH I had it in me to go! Best to you and your family in 2008!! All my love and good wishes for each of you. And here's to cute running shoes! =)

Anilu Magloire said...

WOW! You go, girl. I know you can do it.
The LO is perfection!!