Monday, July 28, 2008

6 days 1 hour 22 minutes...

While in Santa Monica I spied with my little eye this billboard.
The time has come.
and then I had to go see if there where more details online and possibly a first episode promo.
A little promo, yes, but not the estate saley one I was hoping for.
Can you tell I am the least bit nervous that J and I are going to be seen on E! this Sunday.
Geeking out and everything?!?

and then I got to thinking...Did I ever show my big find?
I think not.
Here it is in all its put together glory.

So the tale of the lockers may just come to TV fruition on Sunday.
Hopefully someone else was much more entertaining than me.

and what's ironic is that I will be in the middle of nowhere Colorado on a family trip come the weekend.
old school style.
No phones, no TV, no internet.
As soon as I enter civilization again come Friday the 8th, I am calling you J.
geek in neon yellow alert!!!
Of course I chose to wear an absurdly yellow tank not knowing at all that this madness would take place.
If I am on your TV screen, you won't miss me in that get up.



kerry lynn said...

dvr is set.
rock on!

The DCG. said...

you're so flippin cute/funny/hilarious. i can hear you narrating this post too :) i gotta go put this on record... i'll be out on sunday too. i'm sure j can video blog it too, lol. AWESOME find :) xo!

Vee said...

i can't wait to see you on tv!! what an awesome find, omg!!! have fun on your trip!! :)

amber said...

Cannot wait to watch! I'll be DVRing it for sure!!

kokopuffs said...

i'm setting the DVR now.
I think you'll be the star of the show, really. I was only the sidekick remember?

sara berry said...

I will be calling your cell as soon as I see it so when you do come back to civilization you'll have a play-by-play. I LOVE the lockers, and hope that I don't have to write Pam some hate mail for doing you wrong on tv. Fingers Crossed. Miss you and thanks for yesterday.

Heidi Joe said...

DVR, for sure! I hope I see my Cute pink stuff in one of y'alls hands!

Gigi said...

oh i have GOT to see this :)

love the lockers

kc said...

just saw you on tv! your name and everything. excellent. you looked gorgeous. and skinny :)

Debee Campos said...

YOU ROCKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
you SO are made for tv :)
i was like- michelle!?!???????
what the
hi five
great score!