Sunday, July 20, 2008

i was like DAMN.

So I really make a conscious effort to not swear around my kids.
Especially the big words like sh!t and f*ck, but you know let's be real, sometimes they are the only adjectives to give something justice.
and as my friend opened page 35 of this Air and Space magazine (July 08) issue, I whipped out a damn.
like daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.
In front of a bunch of little ones...oops.

All for the handsome hunk of the far left.
Let me zoom up...

My man is a modest and humble one when it comes to flying.
I love that about him.
But in this case and reading through this article he deserves a little woot woot.
Love you honey.
Can't wait to see you walking towards me with that look in your eye.


scrappinJen said...

yay, anty anty. we miss you!

Breanne Crawford said...

dangggg how cool is that. what a hottie ;)

Heidi Joe said...

Okay I'm just gonna say it cuz I know we're cool like that... DAYUM!

You're almost there!

kerry lynn said...


Donna Gustin said...

You are being modest. Your man is HOT! You should post that picture of him holding Olivia when she was newborn, it's in my portfolio (and was on my web page before I took the whole thing down) and more than one person has commented on it. He gets RAVES!!!

ahardy said...

i know you must be SO PROUD that he is YOURS!

Beth Perry said...

DAAAAAAMN!!!!!!!!!! :P

Gigi said...

how cool is that!! go a!!