Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On this overcast Seattle day it felt like my hometown was just giving me a big ole' hug.
Welcome back Michelle, he said.

I loved that.


kokopuffs said...

i loved all the fresh flowers at the Pike Market. all so pretty. and so much fresh fruit and vegetables. we didn't get to see any fish slinging though.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I am freaking out right now. I just stumbled upon your blog, by looking up something on the internet, checking out someone else's blog, and clicking on another person's blog that had YOUR blog....whew...don't know if you got all that. Bottom line is, your blog is so full of life, inspiration, the music....seriously I have just been sitting here listening to it off in la la land somewhere. I will definitly put you in my fav's!!

ahardy said...

it makes me smile to see your new posts.
and that you are back home.
safe & sound.
and HoTT as EVA!

*love that balcony shot ... whoa.