Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Welcome October. Nice to see you again.

Feeling Halloweeny around the house despite the beautiful weather outside.
and loving those MM vinyl wall letters I found on super clearance at Target last year.

and working on a few new glittery decorations as well.
Learning by trial and error with this glittering business too.
Spray adhesive is a no no for glitter application.
It gets too spiderwebby and goopy.
Perhaps if I had consulted with Martha Stewart first, I could have saved myself the annoyance.
Nevertheless....Happy October.


Vee said...

happy october friend! I love your halloween sign too and pumpkins, I need to get some too! love fall and congrats on making it to the next round of PO :)

Vee said...
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shahnnen said...

ahhhh!!! i totally have those same MM vinyl letters! i got them only like a week before halloween last year, so i'm glad to get a 'full' use out of them. did you get the christmas ones, too? the halloween ones are waaay better, but still solid. (because who doesn't want words on their walls?)
i didn't even wait for oct. 1 to decorate (much to the chagrin/annoyance of the boy)-- my fall stuff has been up for over a week. i couldn't wait!

miss morgan... said...

those vinyl letters are totally killer. and do i spy scrabble letters? too rad!

kerry lynn said...

glitter loves gel medium. loves.

Deanna G. said...

i was wondering what kind of letters those were! awesome! love your festive decorations :) happy oct. for sure!

_Kine said...

Wow, I really love your Halloween decorations!