Sunday, October 05, 2008


When I awake in the morning I will be overwhelmed
with the thought that it is the last 24 hours we have as just three.
What a whirlwind of 7 months we have had.
Road trips, potty training, tap classes, days crafting in our PJ's,
picnics for dinner, and all the in between.
It was not always easy, but I would not have rather
shared this time away from Daddy with anyone else that you two.
My constant companions.
You always knew that a hug would everything better
and it did.
Thank you.
As we transition from 3 to 4 again,
may you always look at Daddy as your hero
and treasure this time we spent
together in your hearts.
I know I will.


Veronica said...

awww I am so excited for you guys!! I need pictures!! :)

scrappinJen said...

wow. i love you guys. will be thinking of you.

sara berry said...

Yay Yay Yay! I am so happy/excited and when the dust settles I want a phone call! You are the best mommy--and your two littles are so lucky to have you as their fearless leader!

kerry lynn said...

you made this time apart wonderful for them 'chellers. even with all of the wishing and hoping and missing and longing.. you kept them busy and occupied. you are AMAZING!

i am so over the top thrilled and anxious for you four!!

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Oh...the day is here!! Is A here!???

so excited!

jessica nole said...

i haven't been here to visit you in such a very long time- i am glad that the time has passed and you were able to fill each day with so much love.

Breanne Crawford said...

oh man. dont you know you need to put a warning when pregnant people read things like this because we start to cry. so happy your man is coming home, michelle. sending the loveliest of thoughts that you had the most beautiful reuniting and are getting lots of lovely family time.

Cat said...

hey!--Just saw your creation on the Dare blog...WONDERFUL :)