Thursday, October 02, 2008

scan it in.

I have this really bad habit of letting things pile up way too high on my desk.
The good part of that, is when I finally go through it all I find little papers of goodness.
Like the one on top of Olivia writing out Mom on her own and making good use of old stickers of mine.
Or our hand drawn picture by the artist Chuck E Cheese himself from Kyan's birthday.
Or finally thumbing through Salvage sisters to find this page that totally rings true for me.

If you are looking to find something to brighten your day, I suggest rummaging through your junk drawer.
You never now what you might find stuffed in there.

1 comment:

Debee Campos said...

so you are the most brilliant thrifter I know.
i need to go with you like for sure!
love your halloween setup! so adorable

and you are SO amazing and generous with the ledger paper!!!!!! yikes I am IN LOVE

i owe you big time :)