Friday, December 05, 2008

Holiday cheer

Making cards,
singing Christmas carols with the kids in the car,
chomping on candy canes,
spotting Christmas trees atop cars,
decorating the house,
bundling up in sweaters and scarves,
and finding an old wooden sled for a few bucks,
are just a few happy December moments around our house.
This truly is the most wonderful time of year.


Vee said...

love your cards girl!! christmas story is the best

Heidi Joe said...

Hey you and I are on the same wavelength... I am making my christmas cards using red playing cards! It was a cheap and new way to do 60+ cards. Whoa.

kokopuffs said...

those cards are the cutest things ever!! are you doing it as a Christmas dailies thing?

miss you lots...hope we can get together soon!

Mandi said...

I do love those cards. Oh yes I do. :)

sara berry said...

Your cards are beautiful! and the sled rocks, too! Merry, merry!