Monday, December 08, 2008

My holiday BFF

The bitch meets me everywhere.
She is quite the enabler too.
On Tv today, she made cookies that NEED to be embossed
with this gadget at my house now too..
Hopefully she will forgive me for Googling 'faux boix' spelled like that. and at Michael's with her glitter tactics and fancy punch ways.
At Costco in the food aisles.
We even meet after play area time at Macy's.
Even when we have seen enough of each other out and about,
she loves sending me emails with workshop ideas and daily tips.
She really knows me like a true friend should
and has my best interest at heart.
She always brightens my day.

wink wink to you Martha.
I'm sure we'll catch up again sometime real soon girl.


sara berry said...

You, too? I thought it was just me.

Heidi Joe said...

I only get the "Free Viagra" emails.... hmmmm... what am I doing wrong? (Wink!)

kokopuffs said...

i saw that christmas tree idea too. however, i wasn't motivated enough to actually try it.

miss you!

Tia said...

holy crap, i love that texture plate. as a cookie press, eh? smartness. :)

kerry lynn said...

man, and i thought she was MY bff.
she's such a floozy...
miss you sweets!

Cat said...

HAHAHAHAHA! This post is so funny! How can you not just love Martha??