Saturday, September 30, 2006


for years i have loved photography.
in high school i took photography for three years and loved every minute of it.
I think i take ok pictures but keep trying to improve.
change how i look at things.
try and see in fresh and funky new ways.
someday i would even love to have a dark room of my own...
one can dream right?

one day, while trying to research taking photo classes, i stumbled upon Jinky Art. what a great stumble it was too.
She is amazing...really.... beyond amazing.
her angles, color and subjects are too pretty for words.

Whenever i need some out of this world inspiration i check here...

or here...
I read recently on Tara's blog about her and Barb meeting up.
how fun.

these two rock photos like no other....dang.


Jamie K said...

Hi Michelle!
just stopping by to say hi. I saw that you stopped by my blog, so I just wanna share the love!!!

michelleguray said...

i found out about it too after reading tara's blog. i'm so jealous of all that photog talent! i'm always in awe of the pictures she takes!

DBird said...

I wasn't really into photog until I started realzing that pics don't have to be centered with the flash :) haha. I'm trying to get better at it though. It helps the sb, for sure.

And OMGosh, those photos on that jinky art site are amazing!! Ohh, how I wish. Great find Michelle!