Friday, September 22, 2006


Last night was so great. a stay at home date night with Anthony and the premiere of Grey's!!!
Ok..i love this show more than i could say. Love how it went back and showed us clips that were even before the pilot episode. wow. it will be interesting to see who Meredith chooses and when.
Poor izzie too.
Then i stayed up to watch 6 degrees. Think i'm going to sucked into this one. drama.

today while reading some of my favorite blogs this...
stumbled into my lap.

i have loved project runway from the beginning and was tickled to find this info and pics from Fashion Week.

what a fun way to end the week


michelleguray said...

everyone seems to love grey's anatomy and i feel like i'm missing out! i'm going to have to start watching, i think!

DBird said...

I so heart that show. I had it on DVR and watched it last night. OMG. I loved the flashbacks too. My jaw dropped to the floor when Addison found M's panties. OMG. I think he saved it. Haha. Yeah, poor Izzie. I still can't believe Denny is gone :( It keeps getting better and better. Now I found another buddy I can chat with about this. Love!