Thursday, September 14, 2006


the power of good people is alive.

so this came about a few weeks ago when someone posted some scrap goodies they found at Target $$ spot and i responded at how cute they are and how we do not have a Target here.

so out of the blue, i get this email...

Hi Michelle,> I am coming to Kauai next Tues.(the 12th) and I live very close to Target. > Do you want me to pick up some goodies for you? I bought the ribbon and > the alpha that is pictured plus a few other things. Just let me know. I am > going to be staying in Kapaa--where are you located?> > Rita Cook

so i met her today and what a sweet heart!!
thanks so much Rita.

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michelleguray said...

hi michelle! that's such a nice thing for her to do for you! awesome! and thank you for all the nice things you said to me. you are too sweet!