Wednesday, September 20, 2006

love these two

its so crazy these days trying to get a photo of my little ones together and boy oh boy, this was the best i could get.

love the mohawk though.

love the girly pose Olivia is giving the camera

love the two of them.

on a side note...

i have to say that i am so inspired by so many scrappers these days.

could she be any sweeter?

I think not.

i so wanna make one of the books you are working on and hopefully meet up when i'm over on Maui for THanksgiving.

big envy for this girl. beautiful pages always!!!

funk and flair and mini it all


wow...just wow.

i took her class at cku-provo and have never been the same

love all the color and fun she incorporates in every project.

thanks all.


michelleguray said...

your kids are so cute!!! and i love the mohawk look on your little guy!

omygosh, you are so sweet, michelle!! thank you so much for that. and it seems we are inspired by similar people!

Jamie K said...

yeah I dig Deanna too...

DBird said...

OMGosh Michelle! I didn't see this comment til now :op I saw the Mohawk and Olivia pic and was like awwww... scroll down and see this. You're so awesome. We should for sure try to meet up. I've never met anyone IRL from 2Peas. Heh. That would be so rad. Much love girl!