Wednesday, July 18, 2007

waca waca

not sure why that came to mind except for the fact i am super excited to go to CHA>
i leave tomorrow and still am crazy running around trying to get everything ready.
its weird to only pack for me though and not the family.
trust me, its a good weird.
i am really looking forward to some Michelle time.

while out picking up a few last things before i leave, i found this bad boy at my new favorite thrift store.
metal, ocean blue, hot to trot and a mere 7 dollars.
i actually second guessed spending that much at a thrift store because of my money spending mentality.
7 dollars at a thrift store= alot
7 dollars at Pottery Barn= what a deal!! buy it now you fool!

its my new favorite thing for sure.
a little snippit of love for the Fashionistas.
Kyan peering up to the Giraffes at the Norfolk zoo, while still eating his sandwich after an hour.
he is really the slowest eater.
like slug slow.
and i got some candytown love in the mail!!!!
i opened the box and it took my breath away.
so much that i had to call Adrienne.
i'm sure she thought i was a tad crazy, but her creations are one of a kind stellar.
i can't even bare to cut them.
i need to just awe over them for a day or 2.
well, off to go to dinner and spend some family time together before i head out.
michelle ramirez is going to CHA= craziness at a high level.
i'll be sure to take oodles of pictures.


scrap {n} flava said...

Hey!!! Have a wonderful time at CHA!!! YOu totally deserve the mR time after the big move and all.

I love that box- It looks like something that came from the Pottery Barn- great find =D

DBird said...

what a cool find that toolbox thingy was! and i so love the self talk business :) hahaha. so excited for you and CHA! holy cow, that's amazing!

Heidi Joe said...

What a deal for that box thingy! If it were plastic I would have second guessed the 7 bucks, but right on for it being metal and a fun color!

Have fun at CHA!! Can't wait to hear all about it...

and I really hope I can get my hands on that Candy Town. Holy Jeeze.

staceyfike said...

have gobs of fun!!!!

sara berry said...

Yay!!! See you there! BTW, that box rocks.

*~*Amber*~* said...

so excited for you girl!! and A's kit... ya incredible. When I get to JJ's to pack pieces of it, I just couldn't stop playing with all the goodies!! love it!

Vee said...

awesome find!!
have a blast at CHA :)

Rita Weiss said...

Have a great time at CHA! make sure you update us all.... you are going to have so much FUN!!!

shelly b said...

Can't wait to get a hold of that kit!! Hope you have a great time at CHA!!!

Natalie said...

Have fun at CHA! So jealous!! Take lots of pics.

kokopuffs said...

I miss Kyan. don't know why but he has a piece of the old thumper. I miss the curls too...and how he was eating bread that was dipped in jacuzzi water and guava juice at the hotel.