Monday, July 02, 2007


today is one of those days.
you know where you sit back and reminisce about life.
needed to get it out.
so thanks in advance for reading.
today, i changed my banner and like whoa...its huge.

today ,i wish we could spend more time with these two precious nieces this summer.

today, i got a package of CJ's from Michelle Guray that made me smile. i am gonna work on one as soon as i get the minute.
today, i wish the kids and i could be back at sprinkles to enjoy a little something sweet.

today, i know that shopping at this store would thrill me, as i know it always does. today, i am craving pizza from Pacific Pizza. Quite possibly the best pizza on, i am missing my friends from Kauai and the sunshine. today, i am not perfect.
today, i want a date with my husband, just the 2 of us.
today, i kinda wanna cry.
i think the huge changes in our life are finally kicking in.
tomorrow i will be back in the swing of things i'm sure.


Vee said...

awww...m (((hugs)))
love your post so sincere and sweet
love the new banner
your children are gorgeous and still small and huggable
...mine are growing out of that :(
love ikea, got that in my inbox too but didn't go there this weekend.
we have two locales oe the more reason for you to come for a happy visit with the kids :)

kokopuffs said...

oh mR...don't be sad!!
you must be thankful for this time in your life. you have so much that can make you soo soo happy!

sending big *hugs* to you and the family...

and Heidi seriously wants some Sprinkles too. I think i was dreaming about them just last night.

Heidi Joe said...

Oh, sweety pie. I know exactly how you feel. Sending you big hugs right.. wait for it... wait for it... NOW!

I get homesick sometimes, too... and when life moves too fast, it's kind of hard to adjust once the dust settles.

Plus I wanna cry everytime I think about Sprinkles, too. :) Jamie's right!

Hugs again to you, ya!

ahardy said...


don't cry.
dry your eye.
---Snoop Dogg

that was my lame attempt
to get you to laugh.
apparently, my hubs doesn't
think i'm funny.
so, no pressure.
i can handle rejection nicely. :)

here's to tomorrow being a
brighter, happier day.
go SCRAP it out girl!


DBird said...

omgosh, i have that picture (banner) and that is my next scrappy to do :) heh.

i hear you on the 'today is one of THOSE days'... i really don't want to be here at work, but oh... ho hum :|

i love that you look for the positive and happy through it all :) one cool mama, for sure.

i'm sending you those Hawaii hugs ;) heh. Hawaii called -- we miss you already :) Love for the mR!!!!

kerry lynn said...

when one door closes another is just waiting to open with possibility!

staceyfike said...

today i got your cj in the mail and kimo and i have big plans for the weekend!!
hope your tomorrow IS better.

Michelle Guray said...

sending you a big huge hug, mR. i think i know how you're feeling right now. hopefully some scrapping time will chase a bit of those blues away.

i'm going to dream about those cuppycakes too now. never had 'em but i sure want a taste :)

amber said...

Aw, mR. Hoping that you'll be feeling better. A good cry always helps me feel better. I cry for everything though.

I'm with mG. I've never had Sprinkles, but now I'm really wanting to try them after hearing about them from you guys.

Nura Keif said...

Hope you are feeling better soon...hugs...:-D

livvie said...

ohhhhh michelle. pacific pizza misses you too. (as does the rest of Kauai.)

the closer i get to moving home to NC the more and more i'm trying to find reasons to actually NOT move and just stay here! it's so crazy. i think kauai puts people under a spell. i don't know. I think that if i do move home, i will move back here someday. (or at least to cali so the plane ride is not as bad.)

we will make it through this! :)

Anilu Magloire said...

It's all good, you'll see! I hope you feel cheery again soon :)

stephanie said...

oh honey, i know-
it kind of sounds like you were describing me.
i love you to pieces.

celine navarro said...

you are SO pretty!