Saturday, July 14, 2007

i'm breathing...

so i think Elise is a complete genius and i had to jump on the daily card idea.
i started on 7-7-07 cause i'm cheesy like that.
just a bit of my that!!!
this was my yesterday.
fitting eh?
and the other day my good friend Aida sent me a box full of eighties vintage candy and i jumped to open these bad boys.
i am keeping that box of goodness close to me at all times.
this girl LOVES her candy.
off to enjoy a Ring pop now.
happy Saturday night to me.


EliseBlaha said...

super cool!!

i am glad you are going to be making them. i love the paint strip idea. i may have to do that!!
have fun.

Vee said...

these are so cool!!
you are so creative :)

Heidi Joe said...

Super fly idea! I've been diggin' Elise's project and I wanted to start one, but I keep forgetting.


Love you too and glad you are breathing just a lil' bit. Hello Kitty toys help, come to find out.

sally hanna said...

i totally need to jump on the card bandwagon!
loVe yours!!

Natalie said...

Love your cards michelle!
They rock! Can't wait to see more.

shelly b said...

I LOVE candy!! Now I want to go buy some! Love the cards too!!

amytangerine said...

LOVE IT! I am a little behind on my daily cards but yours have inspired me to get back on it!

amber said...

Such a fab idea with the daily card thing! Love yours!

Best wishes with the home buying! :)

Breanne Crawford said...

loving your cards!