Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the happenings*

oh yes...great news here!!!!
i can not even begin to tell you how much fun i have been having with the delicious RDG papers spread all over my table.
i would reach for one and then change my mind again and again.
the colors just flew through my brain like i was channeling my inner Rainbow Brite!!!
these are a few of the goodies i made.

and i am far from Hawaii, really about as far as one can get while staying in the US, but this made me feel like i was back there for a split second.
ha! and its named after my CJ boy Kimo....very cool i must say.
i believe in signs.
this was an eye stopper for me.
and here is miss thing as i like to call Olivia these days.
struting her stuff in Daddy's new/way used beater car while we are here in VA.
for Pete's sake.
you should hear this thing starting up in the morning...eeks.
i'm sure the neighbors love us.


ahardy said...

who better to rock RDG than mR???

your newbie creations are styled out to the *MAX*

SOVA said...
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Vee said...

you rocked the RGD wit your fab self!! :)
was so happy to see you as a guest dt and Miss Thang is so so cute :)

DBird said...

Congrats on the RDG Gig!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :) So perfect. So you!

Love the new pages mR. Holy cow. That one with A jumping but it's a series of pics all strategically placed? Yessir, I love it.

And, ahemmmm on lil miss thang's cuter shoes! That's fashion ;)

livvie said...

love the shave ice thing. holla. :)

thinking about you alot lately.

miss ya.

(and as I type this, the baby daddy song came on the adult alternative music channel - sitting, waiting, wishing.) perfect. :)

love ya.

livvie said...

oh, and i meant to ask...

did you get those pics with the hat from my yahoo photos account? :)

call me nerd!

Heidi Joe said...

YYYYAAAAYYYY YUUUHHH!! YAY YUH big time for you... so excited! You and RDG are like a super duper Love Connection. Two and Two. For reals.

Lovin Miss Thing coolin' out in the beater with those cute shoes! What a fun little lady.

Congrats, pal!

kokopuffs said...

dude, now I know what RDG is.
call me slow.

and I too like that last one of A jumping into the ocean. very very smart mR.

you may not be in Hawaii, but Hawaii will always be in you. and just think, you'll be back there someday.

and I love me some Miss Thang. hey....

Natalie said...

Love those pages! I always get so intimidated by RGD's beautiful papers. And I love that beater car. Seriously, I think its cool.

sally hanna said...

oh girl you are rockin the rdg big time!!
whoo hoo congrats!!

amytangerine said...

love the pages!! you rock as usual.

amber said...

You and the RDG? Love. So awesome. And I call Payton miss thang too. Must be something about that age?

shelly b said...

congrats Michelle!! Everything is awesome!!!

Nura Keif said...

Congrats girl!!