Friday, March 21, 2008

and so it was.

The Happiest place on earth.
This place always lives up to the hype.
It was a day full of sunshine.
Suckers.comparing ears.
and my personal favorite...
The Main Street Electrical Parade.
and now reliving it with the kids does my heart good.
Real good.


kokopuffs said...

so glad you had such a good time. you can totally see it in the kids' faces.

have they ever had Ears before? I keep contemplating if Mike and I should get some too...

and mR, it makes me feel better knowing that your heart is happy too. lots of good things happening huh??

Gigi said...

yay!!! love the piccies...
keep on keepin' on sweets :)

alavonne said...

i honestly, truly, admire the way you handle things! you know me and the girls are thinking about you guys and counting down till summer vacation starts!

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Thanks for supporting my little shop. ;)

I have stalked you and your little family blog for a while, lol (in a good, a...don't call the cops, way.) I'm always admiring your courage & art.

Prayers are with you and your family... till your hubs returns safely into your arms.

Hugs girl!! You're like family, with a last name like Ramirez and mine Lopez, dude, we must be related to your hubs somewhere down that hispanic line...hehe He is hispanic right?

Okay, I totally left you a novel, first, a presentaion, now a novel...geez! What next?

Vee said...

i love disney, can't wait to go in May with my kiddos, awesome pics!! they look so happy! :)